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" ," say League's New Recruits as VHLM Draft Approaches


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The S69 VHLM Dispersal Draft is set to take place in under a week, and the league sits with bated breath as the first-gen group of rookies looks as hot as ever.


"There are so many of them, it's hard to decide even who's a first-round talent and who isn't," Hounds GM Jerry Garcia said at a press conference Monday evening. "We've seen tons of new people flow in in the past few weeks, and they've all been so vocal and intense about their training and development that it's looking like every pick will be a good one."


These players didn't exactly need Garcia's word to be noticed, though, as they've earned attention from fans around the league with their notable work ethic and sheer volume.


" ," said a player who recently entered the draft class Monday afternoon, one of over twenty to do so. " ." 


" ," agreed a different player. " ." That work ethic is sure to pay off and earn him some notice when the draft rolls around.


"I'm loving our chances," Garcia added. "The fact that we've got so many choices in the draft, and so many great players to use them on, should put us right near the top of the league."

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I’m fine with a lack of people for S70. I’m usually stuck in hyper competitive draft classes, will be interesting to be the outright best for a change*

*Not guaranteeing that of course, still very early.

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