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Well that was an interesting draft. Our team picked up a very good forward and a couple of players that should be a great fit next season. I welcome all of the new players and I hope to make friends with all of them.


Is it just me or is the draft getting, small and shallow. I didn't see a long list of high TPE players or even a long list of any players. Is this a recruitment issue? Do we need to run ads to get players here?I know there was a bit of a fallout with the whole SBA thing, but I would hope we have the resources needed to sustain interest on our own. Well that topic is well above my pay grade so I will trust we have it covered.


It is finally looking like we have some talent, or skill rather, to move forward and be more competitive during this season. I will be very happy to see NY earn some respect in the league and work towards becoming a hard team to play against. Any progress in the right direction is progress.


Going forward, it will be an exciting season. One that should see several of our players make some dents on the stat sheet. Hard work and having the right attitude is key. From the feeling I get in the locker room, the guys are anxious to get going and prove that we are on the way to success. A very pivotal season. One that will see what we have and what we are lacking. I can't stop pacing. Let's get this show on the road.


Thanks to GM @Esso2264 for doing such an amazing job on his live feed. Thanks  to our Capt @chillzone for leading us with strong play and last but not least, thanks to @Elmebeck for being a great leader and mentor to the young players we now have. 

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