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Toronto announces Captaincies, makes alternative release the presser.


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TORONTO, CANADA -- The Toronto Legion have officially named their leadership group for this upcoming season, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, Devise has voluntold volunteered his upcoming replacement to name the captains. Like many teams, the club held an internal vote on who would be the crowning jewels of the leadership group... well okay, there was a vote for who would be the assistants, as the Captaincy is firmly sewed onto the jersey of Tzuyu. 

Tzuyu has been the Legions' key defender for the majority of her career, and is the only draft pick GM Devise has made during his tenure with the Toronto Legion. Tzuyu is a capable defender, and a reliable offensive producer from the blue line for the Ontario-based hockey club. Minus her rookie season, Legion fans have witnessed multiple point-per-game seasons from their defensive pillar (even though she's probably shorter than a pylon) through her sophomore season into her more veteran seasons. Tzuyu's strength isn't big hits or stay at home play, rather her game is strong and smart two-way play that enables offensive opportunities.

Peace was an addition to the Legion roster after two seasons in Davos, and his first season with the club was pretty good - forty goals, forty nine assists and eighty nine points in what was supposed to be the recovery of his career. Unfortunately, Peace regressed quite significantly during his second season with the club, registering a mere seventy three points in seventy two skates. Although Peace had reached the thirty goal mark for the third time in his five season career, it was generally an individual disappointment. Peace was surprisingly voted in as an assistant captain for his third and final season in the VHL. 

Glover was arguably - and Peace would agree - the more effective center for the Legion last season. Glover's season was also an offensive breakout, as his previous season with Malmo was offensively more stale than one would hope. Glover's seventy two points in seventy two contests should have had him in the most improved conversation - it's only fitting that with his work ethic, and presence, that the team nominated him for an A this season as well. 

Your S69 Toronto Legion captains are! 

Tzuyu - Captain
Peace - Alternative Captain
Glover - Alternative Captain

Edited by Peace
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