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S70 Draft Profiles - Part 2

Patrik Tallinder

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Welcome back! Another week has passed, and it's time for an update on the future stars of the VHL. Most of the S70 draftees have just been drafted into the VHLM, and are preparing for their all-important draft year. So far, there seems to be 4 players who have separated themselves from their peers, but a few others emerging as seriously exciting prospects to keep an eye on. Here is my updated top 10:


  1. Edwin THE Encarnacion 1

  2. Mikko Lahtinen 1

  3. Odin Omdahl 1

  4. Jacques Lafontaine 1

  5. Jimothy Frost 3

  6. Damien Wolfe -

  7. Gabriel Gutzwiler 3

  8. Aleksandr Aleksandrov New

  9. Alexsandra Olsen 2

  10. Dick Cheezy 1


Once again, I would like to remind everyone that these are bound to change significantly as the season progresses, so people who may rise quickly can fall just as quick, and vice versa.


Just like last week, we'll be focusing on 3 prospects in particular. Let's get started.


Damien Wolfe - LW - 77 TPE

This offensively dynamic Canadian winger has been about as consistent as they come so far in his career, as far as earning TPE goes. Selected 13th overall by Saskatoon, Wolfe is out to now prove his consistency on the ice. Equipped with lethal scoring instincts and impressive puck skills, he is out to prove his worth this year as an offensive powerhouse. The thing that makes Damien Wolfe so effective, though, is his versatility. He's able to use his skating to find open ice and either get it on net, or use his more underrated passing ability. I can't wait to see how his first season shakes out.


Gabriel Gutzwiler - LW - 68 TPE & Leon Gutzwiler - C - 58 TPE

The Swiss twins both look to be must-watch prospects in this season's draft, and I hope they're able to continue their journey together in the VHL, although they've been separated in the VHLM. The two share great defensive instincts, and a nice scoring touch to go along with it.

Gabriel is often considered the better of the two brothers, although they aren't too far off from each other. His main advantage over his brother is his skating ability, which is a bit of a weakness for Leon. He is also a bit more polished, and his game is a bit more matured than his brother.

Leon has the edge over Gabriel in other facets of the game though. He is a significantly better puck handler, and especially for his age, he has a knack for winning faceoffs. He brings a lot of value, being a very well-rounded center, and he's one to keep your eye on as well. Although he isn't on my list, he would be my next pick after Cheezy.


Next week I'm planning on spicing it up a bit, so make sure to keep an eye out for it ?.

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