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Who is Jubis?? [1/2]


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Who is Jubis ?

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Not the player but the man behind the mask. I'd say the man behind the computer but I dont have one. Yes every article, career task and graphic I have done has been 100% by mobile phone. So who is Jubis the VHL member ? I'll put together some questions and hopefully they shed some light on who I am. I know people keep themselves pretty private online but will do my best to open up a bit. No credit card information or social insurance numbers will be revealed. 


Where are you from? 

Well I've lived all over Canada it seems. I'm from a small french acadian community in south western Nova-Scotia. I honestly loved growing up in Nova-Scotia and it will always be home. I visit every year. In my early 20s there was just a lack of work in my area other than the fishing industry. I was a plumber by trade. So at age 21 I packed up my car and left for Alberta with my brother and two best friends. We were in search of better jobs that were just lacking in Nova-Scotia. I ended working in Alberta for 5 years. For the Albertans in the forum that know the oil sands. I worked at Imperial Oil's site Kearl with an operations type job for those 5 years. Lived in Calgary for year at one point during that span too. I eventually met my wife both of us on vacation trips down south in the Caribbean. I eventually moved to Toronto with her. Got married have two kids now. I've kind of lived all over the GTA but live in Etobicoke now. 

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How did you join the VHL? 

Some people have speculated that I have friends in the VHL, that I know in real life but this is not the case. I actually wasnt even officially recruited by anyone. I didn't even search for the league on google or anything. I had no idea these types of leagues even existed. I had been playing a Hockey Agent app based game on my phone and saw  the creators of the game recommended the VHL. If someone on this site created the hockey agent game or have affiliation you technically recruited me. (Potential TPE for someone?). Once I checked out the VHL site I was more than intrigued I was hooked. I have loved statistics even as young as 10 years old. Let's just say at one point you wouldn't have wanted to play NHL trivia against me. 


Are you experienced in online sim leagues?

Like I said above I didn't even know they existed. I have zero experience when it comes to sim leagues. I joined like the first week of September just over two months ago. I am a 1st generation player at its finest. Everyone has got to start somewhere tho right ? What sets me apart is how competitive  I am. It took me until about the first week of October to learn how to be a top earner. I sucked at doing graphics and definitely didn't dare do any writing. Once I started I was addicted to earning TPE. I did my career tasks and even started writing. I think there is a very good chance I out earned everyone in my s69 draft class during that span. Say start of October till last week. I went from bottom of the draft to a 1st round pick. It's not cause I'm good I just put in the work. 

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Do you love hockey?

Yes I do! Played ice hockey from age 5 to 21 but stopped playing after junior. I started playing ball hockey here in Ontario. On my 3rd season of that and just love it. I've also bought the EA sports Nhl games 20 years straight. Since living in Ontario I've attended a bunch of NHL games at the Air Canada centre/Scotiabank Arena. Including two playoff games. 

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Fun facts

Age:  28

Favourite color: Blue

Nhl team: Die hard Boston Bruins fan

Coffee or tea: Coffee 2 milk no sugar

Ps4 or xbox: PS4 user: jubinator22

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Review: Fun article! I'm from the east coast too, so it was cool to see that you grew up here! Also cool to see that you took up ball hockey, one of my favourite parts about the sport is how many forms it can take and still be fun (roller, street, ball, ice). As far as the article goes, it was formatted very well, and the gifs were a nice touch as well. Nothing bad to say about it. Good luck in Calgary!

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