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Laine excited for World Juniors


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Laine (pictured above) at the first Team Europe practice on Tuesday, August 11th, 2020


LONDON - With the opening day of the S73 World Junior Championships upon us, the players are excited to get out on the ice. However, Team Europe RW Patrik Laine is probably the most excited out of everyone to get out there and play.


"It's not every day you get to play for Team Europe" Laine said during a press conference "My season has been good so far but if I am able to perform at a high level in this tournament, I would feel really good about it. Even if I don't do good personally, the goal is for our team to win gold and I will be willing to do anything to win it."


In 43 games so far this season with the Miami Marauders, Laine has recorded 18 goals and 29 assists for 47 points. His game has also been more physical, recording 69 hits in those 43 games. Laine says the stat sheet from the VHLM won't bother him and that this is a completely new slate.


"I can't let myself look back on my year in the VHLM so far. This tournament has a lot of world class players, I'll even be clashing with some teammates. This is a completely new environment and I can't wait to jump right into the first game."


The players will be staying in a bubble of hotels close to the rink. Laine says this doesn't bother him though.


"For some reason, no one wanted to room up with me" says Laine, when asked about how it has been at the hotel "I think it is the playoff beard that throws everyone off. Hopefully I can get a medal and a trophy with the beard. Venus and Aloe are in the room across from me and I think Emi is just down the hall so I got a few friends here. It's gonna be a fun week for sure."


Laine also had an interest response when asked about playing against some of his teammates.


"You know, guys like Lamb. We play together in Miami on a line, but when we play at the Juniors this week, we are enemies." Laine said "Off the ice, we are great friends and we get along quite well, but for 60 minutes when we play against each other, there are no friends out there on the other team."

The first games of the World Juniors will start on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.



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