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Calgary Wranglers: Season 48


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GM: Austin Gow (504/234/233/37/505)

Former GM(s):

Jardy Bunclewirth (504/172/307/25/369)

Jason Glasser (1080/547/456/67/1,161)

Record (after S20): 2,088 GP | 953 W | 996 L | 129 OTL | 2,055 P | 5,903 GF | 6,761 GA

Playoff Record (after S20): 176 GP | 96 W | 65 L | 15 OTL | 4-1 vs TOR, 4-2 vs QUE, 4-5 vs NYA, 2-2 vs SEA, 1-0 vs DAV, 1-0 vs COL, 1-3 vs HEL


Season 48 VHL Entry Draft:



Trades (Regular Season):

To wwsfEuV.png

Season 50 Toronto 1st Round Draft Pick (G Joanna Akerfedlt)

Season 50 Toronto 2nd Round Draft Pick (LW John Syeschel)


To EHYvBIm.png

C Tim TebowGow



Calgary Wranglers GM: Austin Gow @chatfan036

Toronto Legion GM: Mike Molholt @Molholt


Very surprised Calgary got a 1st for a retiring TebowGow but that's what it takes to win then that's what it takes to win. Gow also got a 2nd as well which is a very nice haul to be honest. Maybe the GM's can elaborate more on the trade.


Season 48 Regular Season - 72 GP | 22 W | 43 L | 7 OTL | 51 P | 130 GF | 243 GA 

Ahh, the downswing of a GM's tenure. This is the cost of 3 finals appearances in a row plus 1 Game 7 in the Conference Finals. The Wranglers actually should have been worse but Blake Campbell was in net and he played well considering the team in front of his. Campbell and his 0.917 save percentage single handedly kept Calgary out of last place in the entire VHL. Very weird signing if we are being honest probably hoped to flip him at the deadline but the goalie situation in the VHL was basically figured out and he had no where to go so he wanted to pad the stats as much as he could before retirement. The Wranglers did finish last in the NA Conference, TebowGow was leading the team in scoring before leaving to Toronto with 53 points. AIM-11 ended up the teams leading in points officially with 49 points. Marquis Hyvarinen fared better than his brother is a 37 point season which is pretty close to what Kerkko put up. Overall, it wasn't that good a season for Calgary as the rebuild begins in Season 49.


Season 47 Playoffs - N/A

Did not qualify.


Trades (off-season):

To wwsfEuV.png

Season 49 Riga 2nd Round Draft Pick (D Jim Lahey)


To GLZmSJe.png

Season 49 Calgary 2nd Round Draft Pick (C Mario Lee)

Season 49 New York 2nd Round Draft Pick (RW Jake Steel)


Calgary Wranglers GM: Austin Gow

Riga Reign GM: Steve Smeall @Toast


To wwsfEuV.png

RW Jace Hines


To ofiVVnH.png

Season 50 Toronto 2nd Round Pick (LW John Syeschel)

Season 50 Calgary 3rd Round Draft Pick (LW Spit Fire)



Calgary Wranglers GM: Austin Gow

Seattle Bears GM: Blake Campbell @Banackock


This trade looks like Calgary moved up in the 2nd round to take Lahey. Fairly straight forward trade for Calgary and Riga. The 2nd trade looks like Calgary needs to reach the cap floor while Seattle is shedding cap. Another straight forward trade.






It was a down year for everyone involved. Not much to report other than TebowGow moving up to 9th in scoring with 366 points. He passed Ryan Sullivan and could have passed Roman Andreev had he not been traded and could have flirted with 400 career points. The rest of the players who played this season have less than 50 points and aren't worth reporting on to be honest. Blake Campbell's save percentage has him tied for 6th with Skylar Rift and is better than Martin Brookside and Bernie Gow. It's not hard to imagine that maybe if Campbell was in net last season they might have won. The fact he won 20 games too shows how good of a goalie he really was with this rag tag bunch. Maybe Season 49 will be better for the Wranglers.

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Pretty sure the reason i got a 1 and 2 for tebowgow was that draft was so bad that 1st was an inactive :(


As for banacock signing every other team had a goalie and didn’t want him so it was a pity signing just so he would get to have somewhere to play

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