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Congratulations on hitting 100 points! That's a huge milestone and it's wonderful to do a graphic for that! I like the idea of putting 3 separate player images together and the jersey + colour swaps were well done! However I think what bothers my eyes a bit is that there is a lot packed up into one image, which would be fine but the imagine is pretty small so it's a bit clustered. That and I'd recommend to also use a different font colour (Maybe yellow? since that would also match the Reapers colour scheme too) for the white text that is on top of the players to make it pop! Overall I'd give it a solid 7.5/10 and congratulations again for your milestone! :)

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Review: The layering is very good even with a small amount of negative space the layering does succeed in making everything work. The use of color and B&W collaborate well with the B&W being in the background while the color being in the foreword. The bottom banner looks very nice and I do like the font used on the name. Overall I think that this graphic works well and you should be proud of not only your accomplishment but this graphic. 


Score: 8.75/10

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REVIEW- congratulations on 100pts your a solid player. Really like this sig and just almost everything about it tbh just add some black lining around the white lettering but other then that it’s solid. Love the wording and how you places it. Very good 



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