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Lesieur's Love Letter to the Dragons Franchise


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This is a love letter to the whole DC Dragons franchise – the only team I, Guy Lesieur, have played with apart from a very small part of one season when I was drafted by London in expansion (shout out to that fine organization).


I came into the league wanting:

1. to be a one-franchise player

2. to go to an expansion franchise and help it build from lowly newbies to Cup winners.


London treated me well while I was there, but it wasn’t enough of the season for me to feel like I have not accomplished the first goal.


And now we are on the cusp of completing the second goal. Defeating the reigning champs, the Vancouver Wolves, in the prior round was a real high. This showed we could definitely compete with the best. Now being up 3-1 on Chicago and being just 1 W away from the promised land is simply incredible!


Look, we all know there is a lot of hockey to be played, we may somehow blow this lead and not make it to the finals. We may make it to the finals and get swept. And either of those would hurt. Bad.


But win, lose, or draw, I have loved every minute of being part of this fabulous franchise. @Enorama has been everything you hope a GM will be and I’ve had so many outstanding teammates that I could not name them all.

I am in my penultimate season in the VHL. I have this season and next to attain that extremely tough ultimate prize – a championship ring. I am grateful I am here in this position with my family – the D.C. Dragons!

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