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moving up the east coast


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Review: I really like this concept and wish I was talented enough to do something similar! Love the transition between the two teams and leagues. The colour scheme separating Marauders and Americans is perfect! 
Trying to find criticism but I can’t, the fading of your player in between and the faint city backdrops on either side is a solid touch! Great work 



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This is a great idea for a graphic! I really like the pastel/light coloured background colours you chose, makes it a nice picture to look at. I also love the faded effect you did to signify your player moving from one place to another, and the team logos in the background was a cool touch too. I guess the only critcism is the player image itself is kinda grainy and dull/dark but besides that i love this piece. Great job, 8.5/10

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I think this is a great graphic! The idea of what you are trying to do is awesome, and it pairs nicely with the title you gave it. I really like the tear in the middle between the two logos, and how the colors of the two logos are both lighter. The skater you used is a bit blurry, but you do what you can with what you have! Overall, I think it's great! 9/10

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