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Not in the playoffs? 4 ways to spend your time


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The regular season is over, your team is not in the playoffs anymore. What can you do? I'm here today to give you some general advice on how you can spend your time smartly because as a professional athlete it is important to always think ahead.


1. Read tactical notes
Too busy swiping Tinder during team meetings, or was the notes too long and difficult to be fully analyzed during the hectic season? ''Neutral zone trap'' - what does that even mean? Whatever the case might be, now is an excellent moment to finally open the playbook and see what the coaches wanted you to do. By taking the time to study tactics now you have a better understanding of the new ideas that the coaches might bring for the upcoming season.


2. Follow the playoffs
You are not playing, but that does not mean you should completely ignore the rest of the season. When you watch other teams and players play from your home, you might get the feeling that it should be you who is playing in the games - not them. That extra motivation will come in handy when getting ready for the new season. Not only are you able to push yourself forward, but you are more likely to call out your teammates who are not doing their best.


3. Send line suggestions to your coach
This is a tricky one as off-season is typically the time when a lot of moves happen, for example, there is the draft and also the free agency. Still, if you are interested in getting a letter in your jersey for the upcoming season, or you want to stay in the team, it might be a good idea to let your coach know that you are thinking about the team. What better way to do that than send the coach some ideas for lines.


Where you put yourself in the lines is a telling sign. If you put yourself into a big role, it shows that you want a big role, but it also suggests that you as a player are willing to work hard and do your best to get the team playing well. My advice would be to send the lines with just your name on the lines. As mentioned anything can happen during the off-season.


4. Rest
During these tough times, it would be smart to take it easy and not travel, but let's face it, you are an athlete who worked really hard. Covid rules are only suggestions to the wealthy and famous. Book a holiday somewhere warm and take pictures that you then post to social media. Once the newspapers start calling for comments you should mention how hard it is to be a professional athlete when the only time when you get longer holidays is when your team plays badly.  


Minor media story will shed some light on what the life of a professional athlete is like, which in return can help during the upcoming season with increased support from the fans.


This has been jRuutu-talk, tune in next week as I will take a look at proper locker-room shower etiquette.

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