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Choose your fighter [USA edition]


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Feel free to add to the legendary edition with your own fighter from the last few historical USA battles but you gotta provide a photo of said fighter. God bless and remember, you are LOVED and SPECIAL. 

Trump Speeches GIF

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5 minutes ago, Cwalker said:

Barbarian and berserker are the best if you just want to focus on the combat system. But usurper allows you access to a whole range of different features of the rpg



The Redneck


 - uses his two bottom fangs to suck the the fake news out of people

- is so aggressive, not only will he fuck you, but would even fuck his own sister. 
- venomous spit from all the swish and moonshine they drink.



Ty Cwalker for the photo idea ;) 

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37 minutes ago, GrittyIsKing09 said:

but, the eldritch mage is so op like potions man i pick her

Bagel Boy has a buff against her which makes her obsolete, if we match up in the fighter playoffs the match is easily mine 😎

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5 minutes ago, Juice said:

No weakness against women, I basically automatically win our matchup :(

ah fuck fine im weather boi

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