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GWG for Eagles to win the Founders Cup


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After 6 hard fought games, the Philadelphia Reapers Beat the Mexico City Kings by a score of 2-1 to win the Founders cup. Reapers took the series 4-2 and throughout the whole series it was close and tough for both teams. 


The main standout in todays game was Tom Eagles who finished the game with 2 points. 1 assist and the game winning goal in overtime. The excitement was seen all over his face as he knew that he just won his team and his fans the cup. It will be a memorable day for Tom and I am sure a moment he will not forget anytime soon.


" It was an amazing feeling scoring that final goal! The team played amazing and we should all be proud of what we achieved this season" Said Eagles " When Walkers slid that puck over to me I knew I was going to take the shot and I am glad I did. It squeaked right through the goalie which at first I didn't see but as soon as our players jumped all over me and the fans went wild I knew it went in"


The whole team played incredibly well today. Another standout was Jacob Carson who played some incredible hockey only allowing 1 goal on 31 shots. Before the series started many predicted that Mexico was the better team but the Reapers proved them wrong. Throughout the series the Reapers played a disciplined game and showcased their depth which helped win a few close games in the series.


What is next for Eagles?


Eagles had a very productive playoffs overall as he finishes with 6 goals and 9 assists for 15 points. This was good enough to be 4th in points in Defenseman and 9th overall in points. Many are expecting him to jump right into the VHL next season but it also depends on what team drafts him. Some teams might require help right away while other teams might want him to spend another season in the M.


"For me, I think I am ready for the VHL, I have worked hard and have won everything I need to down here " said Tom " I want to know focus on the main league and showcase what I can do there"


We also asked him if he had a preference of where he wanted to play


" You know, I have been getting lots of interviews from a lot of teams that are interested and I am glad that there has been so much interest shown in me " Eagles said " but I don't have a specific team I want to play for. I will give my 100% to whoever drafts me and do my best to try and help that team win the Continental cup. I am just excited for the draft and looking forward to see what position I will go in"


With having some an amazing season and playoffs, Eagles stock is sure to be rising even higher in the draft. He is generally viewed as a top 5 pick but with him recently picking up his play and showcasing that he has what it takes....could this potentially bump him up to a top 3 pick? It is hard to say but we will find out very soon.

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Also, good article. Edit: Apparently this wasn't enough to count as a "constructive review". So here we go: Well-written article, giving some good personal insight as well as providing stats and context. The layout wasn't flash but got the job done and I didn't catch any glaring mistakes either. Nice job both with this article and your player this season!



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