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VSN Australia - One and a Half Aussies - Episode 0.9 - This didn't happen


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CHECK OUT THE VSN https://vhlforum.com/forum/451-vsn-victory-sports-news/


Listen to it if you want, was more of a catch up between me and @dasboot than a VHL podcast but hope you enjoy it all the same!



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I finally got around to listening to this one!!!


I like a good pesto pizza with broccoli, spinach and mushrooms. I don't get it often, so it's even more special when I do


V H F L  P O D C A S T

do it!!!!!!!! If you do a pod discussing good-looking prospects and bring in someone who's consistently kickass at fantasy, I'll link it in the group announcement posts since you guys are VSN! It'd be super helpful for folks who aren't as familiar with fantasy, and people have been groaning that I don't do the pre-draft prospects like McWolf did when he was fantasy zone manager.

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