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Spence Kings Reaction To New VHLM GMs

Spence King

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"Congrats @thadthrasher and @Zetterberg@tcookie too !! Very well deserved !! Your consistent and dedication to this community definitely isn't going unnoticed !! So proud to have two good Pals getting an Amazing promotion so happy for one of my first true friends on Discord and in the VHL and probably one of the closest users I have gotten with in my early career, As rival AGMs we were forced to stop talking as much due to CoC and tampering , but much much love for zetty ! And Thad I know I don't know you very well and we haven't had any interactions but your WJHC application was Top 3 content without a doubt that Ive seen since joining VHL only 11 months ago, You're content is ALWAYS a treat to read and you've without a doubt made this league a better place and continue to do so and this opportunity only allows for you to thrive and shine more, can't wait for what's to come in San Diego now during the Thad Era , Obviously going to be a lot different since the Marlins only knew @InstantRockstar. And speaking of making the community a better place , look no further than Zetttys instant hire as AGM in @tcookie his weekly reviews and content you would NEVER know this is a 1st gen ! Sorry for the Novel I'll stop now lol Congrats Guys !!!"- Spence King AGM Vancouver Wolves 

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