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My first impressions of the League


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My Thoughts on joining a new League


After hearing the boys talk on friday/saturday nights about this simulation league they were playing and hearing how in depth their conversations were I was intrigued to find out more. For one reason so I could be involved in there conversations but also to see how it all worked. I joined a few weeks ago and was waivered ( I think that's the word) to the Saskatoon Wild. My first thoughts on the league were how overwhelmed I was looking at everything going on, discord, forums and a portal! In depth indeed!


Through my first few days i had a lot of help from the community and was guided in the right direction on how to collect welfare at first and practice session, and then on how to submit articles like the one i am currently writing. I came in at the end of the regular season as a back up goalie and my first game played I got the win, and got a point to boot!


I think the best part I've experienced so far is the willingness to help others in the league I've seen, I have been made aware of that everyone was once where I was, staring at these screens and making no sense of them. The patience and understanding I've had from GM's and AGM's alike as well as team support has made me realize how welcoming this league really is to new people.


I am very excited to see how the league develops and grows as I am around to see it. I am also looking very forward to to the draft and to see where I will end up, which team, will i be a back up goalie and then make it to a main goalie while being in the VHLM. While I am building TPE, watching my player work on his skills and grow and develop until he is ready for the VHL the excitement of stepping out onto the ice for my first game in the major leagues. Phew man, I don't think I have to tell anyone that feeling!


The League is very large with hundreds of people playing, working through the VHLM to build your player to hopefully play in the VHL for your major team. Draft week is coming up and I'm somewhere in that large list of people either starting out on their first journey or maybe coming back with a new player after finishing their first season. The race to see who makes it to the playoffs, who stays on the team and becomes a veteran, who retires, who gets rewards for their respective teams and in the league as a whole.


It is this that has gotten me excited for what is to come. I also get to join in with the boys on the weekends about the goings on in the league, the big trades, the big games leading up to the playoffs. I hope as well to be able to make lasting friendships with players and teams and to one day pass on the knowledge that was handed to me, and of course the enjoyment for the sport of hockey and this beautiful league as well!



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