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Claimed:1st Overall Tourney Part 1

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Hello and welcome, since I have been bored recently and haven't thought of a media spot to do I have come up with the 1st Overall Tournament. This Tournament will be comprised of all the 1st overall draft picks in league history. This will be a double knockout to determine placement of said draft picks in history. I have randomly set up all 38 1st round draft picks against each other. However, after the first round where I will provide a write up, since it will be hard after to come up with new things to write about it will continue on to a vote on the boards. Hope you all enjoy. :)


Match 1: Season 16 1st Overall Draft Pick: Goaltender Demetrjusz Dudek vs Season 4 1st Overall Draft Pick Left Wing Alec Miller



Goaltender Demetrjusz Dudek drafted 1st Overall by the Calgary Wranglers in Season 16.


Demetrjusz Dudek was drafted as a saviour. He prematurely retired though as for reasons I don't know why. He only played in 128 games going 62-55-10 in his career. Hardly a telling sign of a player who went 1st overall. The wins rank 55th all time only ahead of those by the name of Alejandro Messi, Fernando Garcia Jr. and for the time being Brick Wahl and Mike Szatkowski. For those of at least 100 games played though, he has the 5th least losses, which isn't that bad if you think about it. His career save percentage of 0.908 though leaves a lot to be desired as this is only good enough for 56th overall, but for the record it is 0.01 better than Vase Trikamaki. Well where else would his G.A.A land right? Yup, you guessed it right at 54th overall. With a G.A.A of 3.24 you can't expect to be a very top flight goaltender. He ,however, won a Continental Cup in Season 18 but missed out on back to back Cups as they won again in Season 19.



:vhl: Left Wing Alec Miller drafted 1st Overall by the Stockholm Rams in Season 4.


Drafted in Season 4 by the sad sack franchise that was the Stockholm Rams he quickly drew comparisons to Eric Lindros because he didn't want to be a Ram. However, he toughed it out, and signed a 4 year deal with the franchise with a player option in the 3rd year to at least give them a chance to get better. In the 2 seasons with Stockholm he put up 74 goals and 97 assists for 171 points in 144 games. In his third year, he opted out of his contract with the Rams to sign a 1 year pact with the Avangard Havoc. In this season he put up an identical 41 goal, 41 assist season for 82 points. The sad thing is, I don't know the rest of his season statistics as his player page was not updated after his third season for stats. Although, after being with Avangard, he was traded by this team to the Calgary Wranglers with David Jacques for a measly $500,000. After a stop in Calgary he was traded to the HC Davos Dynamo for Josh Smith and a Season 12 Davos 3rd Round Draft Pick. His final career stats read as 575 games played, 255 goals, 326 assists, 581 points, +4 and 31 game winning goals. He won the Continental Cup with the Avangard Havoc and later the HC Davos Dynamo in Seasons 7 and 11.


Who Will Move On You Decide!

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Content: 3/3

This is an interesting concept. I say it every time I grade your stuff, but I really enjoy reading your history articles. Interested in seeing more parts to this.


Grammar: 2/2

Big improvement, didn't find anything worth putting down.


Appearance: 1/1

I'll give this to you here, but I'd like to see a little more in the future.


Overall: 6/6

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