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  1. Feels great! Brought a cup to Saskatoon and Riga in the same year!
  2. Gooning taught me well enough to put together a winning front office and good draft class. Peace carried the front office to this win ❤. Huge thanks to both of you! Now lets go get another cup!!
  3. +6 EFL: http://efl.network/topic/8888-from-sweden-to-texas/
  4. Saskatoon - After a long hiatus, one of the favorite players in Saskatoon history finally breaks his media silence. Dylan Nguyen is back in Saskatoon to talk with the Saskatoon Times about what's happened while he’s been away. A lot has changed for the young man, as the last time we spoke he was in a Wild uniform. He’s been traded, called up to the VHL, and assumed GM duties for our beloved Wild while he has been away. We asked Nguyen to basically sum up how he’s been since last we heard from him, and to give us a little insight on his plans for the future. “Hey y’all, it’s been awhile. I decided to take a break from the media spotlight a couple months ago because I found out I was having a daughter! Little Airi Nguyen was born a couple weeks ago and is healthy and happy. Yeah so I took some time away to be with my girlfriend during her pregnancy. I’m back now though, and boy are things crazy right now! First and foremost I want to thank Riga for allowing me to stay away from the media and doing interviews. I would also like to thank my amazing AGM Peace for handling most of the front office stuff with the Wild, he has done such a great job! Speaking of which, the Wild are in the playoffs and we look good! I’m gunning for the cup and the fans should expect nothing less. Peace and I have put together a championship caliber roster and we look forward to seeing results here in the playoffs. Don’t sleep on the Wild this year! Staying on the playoff topic, I’m also gearing up for my own playoff run with Riga. We’ve played really hard this season and feel were in a strong spot to compete for a championship. The whole team is really coming together, Glade and Katelic have really anchored the D and made me look good. Even though were in the playoffs and the team is playing at a high level, I know we can play better because I can play better. I think my numbers are a little lower than I was expecting, my play has just been a little behind. However, im working hard now and I’m going to give Riga my all here in the playoffs. As for my plans for the future, that is simple. Saskatoon, were not going to be in a position to compete next season. I’ve put my assets into results for this season so after the playoffs we will be going into rebuild mode. My plan is to have the Wild in a position to compete for a cup every 3 seasons. With how quick the turnaround is in the VHLM I feel as though this is not only possible but the best plan moving forward with the team. Peace and I will do our best to keep Saskatoon a winning franchise. As for myself as a player for Riga, that is simple. I am going to put 100% of my energy into improving my game, and being a good teammate. I want to win championships, and be the best player at my position. To do this im determined to work day in and day out to improve in every facet of the game. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out! Go Reign, Go Wild!” Word Count: 569; Week: 11/26 - 12/2