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  1. Halifax - Kenji Hachimura, the rookie currently playing for the Halifax 21st in the VHLM has decided to expand his horizons and start his own beer company. The young Japanese winger shared a statement earlier today from his brewing facilities in downtown Halifax. "Today I am happy to tell everyone that my beer company, Hachimura Brewery, has begun production. I have put a lot of work into this business, and perfecting the perfect tasting beer. I have devoted many hours and dollars into this and it is something I am very passionate about. Ever since turning 18 I have been trying thousands of beers, and figuring out the best tastes. So today I am launching, in my opinion the best tasting beer, HoppyMura! I hope you all will come to the brewery tomorrow night to try my beer, VHLM and VHL players drink free for the night!"
  2. Hello, My name is Kenji Hachimura, I was born and raised in Sapporo, Japan. Growing up in Japan, hockey was never a big sport for us. When I finally started playing my friends thought I was weird and made fun of me. However, I have loved every single second of it. Playing for Tohoku in the Asia League Ice Hockey for the past year has been a dream come true. Hockey is something that I truly love and I want to pursue my dream of playing Ice Hockey where it is truly at its best, in North America. I have been drafted by the Halifax 21st in the VHLM and I plan on joining them once the season begins. That being said I will be leaving Tohoku and the rest of Japan. So, I want to say thank you for all the amazing memories and all the time everyone has taken to cheer me on, and help me develop. I could not have done this without each and every one of you. I will never forget Japan, it is my home and I will represent my home with all the honor and glory that I can. I look forward to coming back to Japan one day as a champion, and all-time great hockey player. For now though, it is time to say goodbye as I move toward a new chapter in my career. Much love and thanks, Kenji Hachimura
  3. Name: Kenji Hachimura Age: 18 Height: 6’4” Weight: 210 LBS Hometown: Sapporo, Japan Position: Right Winger Brief Overview: Kenji Hachimura hailing from Sapporo, Japan is looking to take his talents to America. He is a young forward with tons of potential to make waves at the highest level of hockey. After being a late bloomer, Hachimura has dazzled on the ice as he continues to improve his game. Hachimura is a very big, smart forward who has the ability to lay some punishment on opposing players while still looking to make a dazzling play on the puck. Pros: Strength - Hachimura is a big bodied forward, sitting at 6'4" he is able to crush opposing players on the ice. He is clearly dedicated to hitting the gym as his 210 pounds look to be shear muscle, and his body fat percentage is in the single digits. For his age Hachimura possesses incredible strength that he can use to push opposing players off the puck, set strong screens in front of the net, and lay some big hits if needed. Needless to say Hachimura is only 18 years old and will only get bigger and stronger as he gets older, and that is a scary thought. Checking - Kenji is incredibly adept at using his body to get some good checks in on his opponents. He is a beast in the neutral zone, as he uses his fore check to keep the puck out of his defensive zone. His back check has proven to be equally effective at getting the puck away from opponents before they can score. His checking is a big weapon, and one of the most developed aspects of the young forwards game. As he develops more and more, it will be interesting how he can further improve his checking skill set, and lookout for those hit numbers. Passing - Hachimura is an excellent passer from anywhere on the ice. He is very crafty with getting the puck to his teammates in order to set them up in front of the net. Hachimura is great at getting the puck up the ice and allowing his teammates to make runs on the net. He is also very good at passing the puck out of high danger situations. That coupled with his size and checking will make him an immediate help on any penalty kill unit. Passing will continue to be a strength in his game, as long as he stays unselfish on the ice. Skating - Hachimura is a very smooth skater, he is able to get up and down the ice pretty fast for his size. He looks very comfortable on the ice, and usually out skates his peers. Cons: Effort - Sometimes it appears that Hachimura gets discouraged and gives up while on the ice. Often times after making a mistake he fails to get back and help, it seems that mistakes get to him and really damage his effort. Also when his team is down Kenji tends to get discouraged and his play on the ice declines. When his team is up, he gets bored and complacent. Hachimura can develop into a force on the ice if he can keep his effort up. Scoring - Kenji is good at passing, but actually putting a puck into the net is something that he struggles with. His shot is very inconsistent, and he seems scared to actually put shots on goal, usually opting to pass instead. Hachimura can be an asset on offense with his passing but don't expect him to shoot much. Faceoffs - Hachimura will not be taking faceoffs anytime soon. He has won 2 face offs in his entire career as a hockey players, and he doesn't seem to care about working on his face offs. This could come back to bite him but it seems like he will be fine.
  4. Player Information Username: Dtayl Player Name: Kenji Hachimura Recruited From: YouTube Age: 18 Position: RW Height: 76 in. Weight: 210 lbs. Birthplace: Japan Player Page @VHLM GM