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  1. Poptart

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. We had a influx of new members recently thanks to a big Reddit recruitment drive. (If you are not new to the site) Are you scared about the new competition stealing your thunder? Competition is great, I love competition. If I was not competing with @BladeMaiden, it would not be as fun. I'd be lying if I did not check where she was in TPE every update. I definitely did. I always want to be the best at the position, but not to anyone's detriment. It was honestly just because I like to be the best. I was never going to catch her, I knew she was always going to be higher, but I always strive to be better. 2. Do you have any idea for the Recruitment Team regarding new avenues to recruit new members? I think we have some great avenues right now with Reddit as well as our strong affiliates. I think we need to get creative with some of this. I am not sure, I wish I could give more opinions, but that is it. 3. Were you surprised that the Saskatoon Wild disposed of the Ottawa Lynx so easily in the VHLM Founder's Cup Finals? I mean, I guess should we be surprised? Ottawa was playing awesome, I thought we would at least get a couple. I am not overly surprised, but I wanted to win more, I always want to win more. 4. Do you think the Calgary Wranglers have what it takes to complete the comeback over the Riga Reign in the VHL Continental Cup Finals? We know now that it was too much. Calgary has a great team, it was always going to be a close serious, at least I thought. 5. Any VHL team you'd prefer to be selected by in the next VHL Entry Draft? Honestly, I am happy to go to any team that decides to choose me. I am happy to go and even sit on the bench for a while. I will earn my minutes just like I did for Ottawa. I will prove that I am worth it, I promise you that. I know Calgary has pretty much mentioned that I basically was not on their shortlist for goalie with Wahl and the GM recreate as a shortlist. I cannot blame him. A goalie is a position where you want the best and nothing less. So, I am not really opposed to going to someone that puts me third on the list. We will see what happens, we will see who wants to pick me. 6. What are your objectives for next season? Same things, different day. Keep building, keep getting better.
  2. Poptart

    Davison thanks Ottawa

    UK Goaltender, Finn Davison had some things to say after being swept in the VHLM Championship game to the Saskatoon Wild. They were severe underdogs in the series against the Yukon Rush, but ended up pulling out a victory, however, Saskatoon was a little too much for them. Finn posted a video on Facebook right after the loss, this is what he had to say. Finn Davison will be entering the VHL Draft with fellow goaltender, Brick Wahl. It certainly will be interesting to see how the draft ends up working out. The two will likely be the first two goalies off the board, but in which order will they go? Does the signing of Brick Wah's agent in Quebec write the ship for her? Will Finn actually be a starter or be anywhere near starting? There is a lot to shake out, but it has been a pleasure being in a Ottawa Lynx jersey. Until next time, Finn Davison
  3. Poptart

    Quebec Meute Management Announcement

    How to get 3 different jobs in 3 days - A @BladeMaiden Story ❤️ Congrats!!
  4. Poptart

    Finals, GM 4: Saskatoon Wild vs. Ottawa Lynx

    Congrats Saskatoon!
  5. Part I - Pick em' (Pick the correct winners of all three games for 2 TPE) Game 5 - Ottawa Lynx @ Saskatoon Wild Game 6 - Saskatoon Wild @ Ottawa Lynx Game 7 - Ottawa Lynx @ Saskatoon Wild - No Game Part II - Predict the Score (Predict the correct score and winner of this game for 3 TPE) Game 5 - Ottawa Lynx @ Saskatoon Wild - 2-1 in OT - Ottawa Lynx Part III - Player Predictions (Predict the correct player for each category, 1 TPE for each correct answer) Series leader in points: Mark Gebauer Series leader in goals: Mark Gebauer Series leader in assists: Curtis Gary
  6. Welcome all rookies! If you have any questions for a fellow rookie, let me know! I would be happy to help! :)

  7. Poptart

    Season 64 Recruitment Drive

    Done, a few of these were removed including a fun comment with the Predators one.
  8. Poptart

    Semi-Finals 1, GM 7: Ottawa Lynx vs. Yukon Rush

    I will allow the re-sim, I only gave up 1 goal this time.
  9. Never count Ottawa out.. rookie goalie going to the finals, this is surreal.