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  1. 1) After another week of similar results, Davos still sits around .500. What are your thoughts on this? Am I supposed to be happy? I think we are on the up, but it's figuring everything out. I wish we had figured it all out by now, we could be soaring. We are only 2 points back of 3rd. 2) Veran Dragomir has become the clear scoring leader on the team with 19 goals and 30 points. What has his addition meant to this team? What can you say? He has been absolutely amazing. He is what this team needed on offense. He is a surefire player with a ton of skills and talent. We needed a guy who can help Peace and put the puck in the net. 3) Davos took a bold strategy by playing their backup goalie games early in the season. Do you think this was a good decision? I want to be in the net every game of the season, but what can I do? 4 ) Which team do you hate to play against? All of them, how can I like anyone else on my team? 5) Have you developed any rivalries against opposing players? If so, who? If not, how come? Brick Wahl and I have a friendly competition against each other. 6) Now that Game of Thrones is over, what are you going to watch on TV? Bobs Burgers, a lot of Bob's Burgers.
  2. HC Davos has really had an up and down season thus far, however, they are only 2 points out of the 3rd seed in the VHL. They cannot afford to miss the playoffs again. One player that has a really up and down season as well is that of Finn Davison. But, let's take a look at the team overall. Team Leaders: Goals: Veran Dragomir - 19 goals Ryuu Crimson - 17 goals Rylan Peace & Elias Dahlberg - 13 goals Assists Rylan Peace - 22 assists Shawn Glade - 20 assists Pat Svoboda & Alviro Jokinen - 18 assists Plus/Minus Rylan Peace - +5 Ryuu Crimson +4 Codrick Past +3 Look at the new guys dominate the leaderboard of the team. Something that everyone expected of this team. This team would have to be really improved by bringing in those names of players. They gave up a lot to get them, so they needed to deliver. Rylan Peace has been an absolute stud for the team, so he will need to keep up this work.
  3. The HC Davos Dynamo have started their season 7-7. They have scored 44 goals which is only behind Vancouver and Malmo. They have given up 34 goals on the year which is tied for 2nd behind Riga and Helsinki and tied with Malmo. Finn Davison is putting up his best numbers yet with a 6-6 record, 922 save percentage and a goals against average of 2.18. His save percentage puts him 7th in the league, his goals against average is 1st in the league with the backup being above him. He also has 2 shutouts on the year which is tied for second. We did catch up with Finn, this is what he said. The new guys are really shining for the team as Crimson, Glade, and Dragomir are leading the way overall. He is right, they need to be better and I am sure that they will be moving forward.
  4. 1) Davos has started the season as a .500 team going 6-6-0 in the first 12 games. What do you think of Davos’ beginning of the season? We have a lot of new players, so we just need to find each other. I think it comes down to just getting used to where each other are going to be. We are going to turn this around, we are going to be great. 2) Does the start of the season change your expectations for Davos this year? Absolutely not, my thoughts and expectations will not change at all. I think we can still get to where we need to be. I need to be better and I will be better. 3) Rylan Peace is leading the team with 8 goals and 14 points. How important is his continued strong performances to the overall success of the team? Rylan has been nothing but fantastic for the squad. I mean, he did it last year as well. This should not be surprise. Rylan is an incredible player with so much skill. He should be where he is, and he sure is. 4) How do you feel about your personal performance up to this point in the season? I need to be better, that's just what it is. I need to be much better. I should be better, I need to be. 5) Looking around the rest of the league, expansion team Malmo is currently in first place. Do you think they’ll be able to maintain their top of the league standing? How come? Credit to them, they are doing fantastic. I mean, this was definitely unexpected, so nothing but props to them. They are gelling and playing well. Look at Vegas in the NHL, maybe they are that story? 6) Last week was Mother’s Day. What did you do for your mom? We did breakfast and went out for apple picking. It is something we always did when I was younger, so she would love it.
  5. G - Finn Davison F - Teagan Glover (why not) @rjfryman
  6. 50 New York Americans 51 Seattle Bears 52 Helsinki Titans 53 Vancouver Wolves
  7. Maxim Kovalchuk - D Jake Davis - F @Matt_O