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  1. I'm starting a petition to rename the size attribute on the portal to CHONK. Who's with me?

  2. Are Hot Pockets Pop Tarts?

  3. Is deep-dish a pizza or a casserole? 🍕

    1. Quik
    2. Devise


      Deep dish is what happens when you want to eat lasagna with your hands.

    3. Kloxified


      It's a hamburger obviously

  4. A poptart is a calzone. 

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    2. rory


      Calzones are dumplings.

    3. Renomitsu


      You can't just drop this kind of knowledge on us Pop.

    4. Poptart
  5. Guess who got a Taylor Swift autographed Folklore CD and favorite Poptart is Cinnamon sugar? This guy. 

    1. Motzaburger


      I'll give you $200 USD for it

  6. You know, I have just got started with Micah Adrienne, which I have really liked being so far. I think he has some real good history and a lot of buzz around him, that is what I like to see. But, there is one thing that is escaping me, that first overall pick. I want one of my players to go first overall in the draft. I thought I had a real chance with Adrienne, but that did not happen, as we know. I have loved my time in Vancouver so far, my first goal for Adrienne would be getting his name up in the rafters of the Wolves. We will see if he gets his name up in the lights for the VHL, but Vanc
  7. I couldn't love this post enough.
  8. F - Tyler Barabash Jr Good luck y'all