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  1. Hey @Lefty_S, nice to see you here! I am KCCO on SBA. We really would love to bring you here to Las Vegas. We are heavily looking for a defenseman to be a top pairing guy and you could be it! I'll be joining next season as a defenseman, so I'd love to help you build the player you want! Look forward to seeing you around.
  2. @Matt_O, you know you want to come to the Aces and continue the plan we set out. Join us again <3.
  3. Hey @Da Trifecta. Join me in Vegas babe. Top line it would be for you. You know what I bring so I don't need to pitch you further. Join the Aces.
  4. Hey @oilmandan, it would only make sense for you to join Las Vegas since you traded for me in EFL. Finish the circle, we have plenty of minutes to offer up!
  5. Poptart

    OTT/LVA; S70

    @Higgins, I wish we could have done more with you here. I hope you get a cup with Ottawa. Thanks for the trade talks @Acydburn, pleasure doing business!
  6. Good article @HearnNation67!
  7. Thank you for the apps everyone! I know some people had a lot of qualifications for the job. When I got hired, I really wanted to make sure I gave someone the same opportunity I had with little to no experience to groom to the role of General Manager. With that said... I have chosen to hire ...
  8. I'll be making my decision today or tomorrow
  9. Hey everyone! It's time for me to add someone to the team. I would love to bring someone on board to learn the ropes of what it takes to be a GM. I am looking for someone who: Engages on discord with members Keeps up with the Team Press Conferences Can do lines (or wants to do them) - not all the time, but willing to learn Willing to help with recruitment I am straight to the point, so I will consider all applications. If you are interested, let me know!