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  1. Has a team ever blown a 3-0 series lead in VHL history?

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    2. Thranduil


      Lol remember when Saskatoon, who I think you were playing for at the time, blew a 7-1 lead to Halifax, who I was playing for, in game 1 of the semi-finals? That was legendary, but then of course Saskatoon proceeded to come back from a 3-1 series deficit, eventually winning the cup that year.

    3. Matt_O


      Yes I do remember that, that may be the strangest game in VHLM history. Maybe I'll write an article about it for VSN. I'm working on one regarding Yukon and Ottawa from that season, where the Rush choked

    4. Thranduil


      Yeah that season was weird in general. Halifax sucked on paper. Only guys we had above 100 TPE were Flipachyev (114) and MacKinnon (139) and somehow we finished third. Then the bottom seed in the playoffs, Ottawa, beat the much better Las Vegas and the top seed Yukon, to get to the finals. Crazy shit!