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  1. VHLFL leagues 1, 2 and 12 are updated officially. (12 is mine, so I thought I'd start with that one first)


    I will work updating them as I get time (hopefully maybe 3-4 per night if I am free that night)

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    2. Anthony Matthews

      Anthony Matthews

      Unfortunately its the second last one.  (Trying to go in order to save any potential confusion on my part).  I will get to it.

    3. diamond_ace


      Fair, and that way does make it easier for you. Just concerned there will be a league somewhere in the middle that goes another week without finishing because their users are semi-active, and it holds up all the leagues behind it. Either way though, good to see all your work on this :)

    4. Anthony Matthews

      Anthony Matthews

      it shouldn't hold up any leagues, I'm not waiting until they get done to finalize them, just until I have time to do them.