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  1. In practice today (me) Micheal Rasmussen and Kyle Sabertooth (@uphillmoss) we were playing in a scrimmage and in a play Micheal and Sabertooth were on the same line for it and they have found a nickname for us and it’s called the bash brothers... because when Kyle shoots he’s got a hard shot like Fulton reed and me I am like the other bash brother and so me and him show good chemistry and we r growing as friends and as teammates and we were playing and so Kyle took a shot and Micheal was watching over Kyle like an awesome friend/ teammate should with a star player... me and him are looking good together and when ever someone looked to step up and tried to get Micheal or get Kyle the other was their to help the other... their really growing as friends off of the ice and teammates on the ice... and the team was looking good to in that practice...that was the best practice for Micheal Rasmussen yet but Kyle and Micheal looked good as a team and as players and as friends to... and Micheal even offered to buy Sabertooth lunch after the practice to... in other words for practice for Kyle and Micheal they were looking mean that’s the other word for good... and oh yeah Kyle Sabertooth is looking good this season I hope he does very good and helps us with the remainder of the season and hope he gets at least top 10 in points this season like keeps it up and crushes the bar and at least gets a top 10 in points or scoring...
  2. Good luck Mexicancow... hope I play more soon to get better to atleast live up to the hype like u did good luck and see u soon my team mate...😝😝😝😝
  3. I know u got good team mates im just kidding k bro... lol... 😂😂😂😂
  4. Lol u get em nykonax come on man let’s do this thang I know u r not on my team but ya I hope u get some good players and hope u have some lol... (lol)... 😂😂😂😂....
  5. Ummmmmm whoopsies I didn’t mean to put the (haha emoji).... so ummmmmm I meant to put something else... and so yeah....
  6. I’m taking some of the blame this was my fault to so yeah ummm I’m going to take the blame to because he’s a teammate so I shouldn’t have been like that to him he’s my teammate and if one of us goes down we all go down so imma take some of the blame (at least 50% of it at most 50%)...
  7. I shouldn’t have gotten in his face to talk to him I should’ve just talked to him and not gotten in his face sorry sabertooth it was my fault in practice...
  8. What I wasn’t near practice I was a little late to practice... lol... well umm I got home at 1 and feel asleep at 5 and practice was at 9 so yeah and I had 3 hours of sleep and the bus drive to the arena from my place is 45 minutes in the bus and than getting ready I was mad so I take the blame more for everything I was mad at a friend of mine from my home and I took it out on him and before that I took it out on dill... (in game)
  9. I’m not lying I’m actually sorry for everything that I said I’m sorry for everything that I said and I mean it...