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  1. Micheal Rasmussen winger goals 30 assists 46 points 76 so for that u think that’s about 20 all together...
  2. 1 he probably would get a about 150-157 around their but u never know 2 idk if I would get speed up but time will tell about 60-65 maybe even more time will tell tho 3 when we talk about random stuff that don’t relate to anything on this game sometimes 4 I already was drafted but idk what team imma be on when I get to the vhl 5 it has it’s made me realize how fun the vhl is and made me do more for the team and taught me how to score again and psss more 6 idk I think it could be but I’m not really sure cuz when I first started my account I was like I need discord and than I was like sweet than I got it to play better and to get help to get better and learn how to do some stuff on the game