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  1. Childhood Born in Halifax Nova Scotia, Nick Kirkpatrick loved hockey. He started playing at a young age, and worked hard everyday, firing pucks at the garage door, to improve his play. He would walk 6 miles everyday while his parents worked to the closet rink to work on his skating in the winter. His devotion to the game showed at a young age and only grew with time. He grew up with 2 younger brothers and an older sister. His 2 younger brothers are also high profile hockey prospects with the opportunity to make the Vhlm in the next few years. Gavin and Aiden Kirkpatrick. Playing with them throughout his childhood no doubt helped his hockey skills grow. When asked about where his talent came from, Nick’s father Todd awnserd “Honestly no idea, I can barely skate so it was hard trying to play with them, they had to teach me!” As he grew up his family decided to move to New Brunswick, Canada. The decision was made because his grandmother was very ill and most of his family was from New Brunswick. He moved to the city of Bathurst and quickly picked up French. When he was 15 he played with future teammate Alex Pearson for Team NB in the Canada junior u18 cup. The two played on a line together and registered 12 points in 6 games together. Highschool When he started Highschool he was drafted by the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL and once again moved, this time on his own. He stayed with a billet family who spoke mostly French, luckily his French had gotten pretty good at that point but he still struggled with daily life in a mostly French city. His grades began to suffer as his devotion to hockey grew and he became a bit of a “stoner”.(Marijuana not being a banned substance for W players because of legalization in canada) He played a few games for the wildcats that season but didn’t register a point and played mostly triple a. While his totals that season were pretty solid with 69 points in 42 games. He missed the final 10 games that year with a broken leg sustained in a awkward fall into the boards. The following year, last season was his breakout year though. When he was penciled into the opening lineup for the wildcats, he ran with it and never looked back. In the first 20 game she scored 14 goals and 6 assists for 20 points. But went the next 10 games with only a goal. This streaky play continued until after the trade deadline, where he caught fire and ended up with 63 points in 71 games as a rookie and was nominated for rookie of the year in the Q. Although he didn’t win he went on a tear in the playoffs and helped them get to the finals although they lost in 5 to the Saint John Sea Dogs. Today Over the summer his game drastically improved and he became much better in his own zone, becoming a mostly 2way Forward with a sparky offensive game. His speed and hands helping him at both ends of the ice drastically. About halfway through the summer he had a falling out with the coach after the coach said to a local radio station that the kid was “annoying” and “immature”. Also discussing his weed habit, going on the record of saying if could have Kirkpatrick banned for smoking it he would, To which nick replied on social media “Just because somebody disagrees with the way you do your job and live their life dosnt mean they’re “immature” I swear some adults act like ignorant children”. He decided not to renew his contract after the coach refused to apologize for embarrassing him in the radio. He began looking for tiger opportunities and held out a little early into the season because he wasn’t getting the offers he was looking for, he wanted to compete with a real close knit team and be part of something bigger. That’s when his close friend from juniors, Alex Pearson contacted him with an opportunity. Leave all this behind, move to beautiful San Diego California and play for the San Diego Marlins, an expansion team in the rise in the VHLM. He didn’t have to hesitate, he packed everything, drove to Bathurst to say goodbye to his family and flew to San Diego as soon as he could. He hasn’t gotten a chance to play yet so he’s probably a little rusty and will take adjusting but he’s always been one to overcome adversity, there’s no reason he can’t do it again this season.
  2. Player Information Username: Nick Kirkpatrick Player Name: Nick Kirkpatrick Recruited From: Member (Jayrad28) Age: 17 Position: LW Height: 78 in. Weight: 196 lbs. Birthplace: Canada Player Page @VHLM GM