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  1. 1) D.C, NY, Calgary, Prague, Davos. 2) Team World, with their star Goalie. 3) Well I am in it at the moment so really cheering. 4) I think Playoff experience could be good for the team, but a pick would be better. 5) No, it is just a small dip he will accelerate again. 6) I think Mississauga and Mexico have a chance.
  2. 1. 32 2. I think there are a lot of good d-men/d-women in the draft 3. Drumm sorry Jerwa 4. Seattle because I have always been in Rayz Funk's shadow since Mississauga I want to show I am just as good 5. Valentino I think 6. Bakery all the way a fresh croissant with butter and Jam is too good
  3. If it is the best why do you not use it then...
  4. 1. Prague, Davos, Calgary & New York 2. I would like it to be me 3. I think Pekka has been great 4. Definitely not 5. I use to play a lot of the Mario games on the Wii 6. Crumbed Cutlets are my favourite