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  1. 1. No one expects the Blues to go back to back 2. He is scared of losing time when I come up so he is trying harder 3. Hitz 4. Would like to see Claude hit those numbers 5. Possession, gotta keep the puck as much as possible 6. a PP goalie is a bit useless
  2. 1. I was happy where I was drafted top 10 is such an honour. I think the team has been playing well together. 2. Personally my rival is Mississauga as I was there last season. 3. The one who doesn't let a goal in 4. Probably Mississauga but I know they have 2 goalies at the moment. I am happy here. 5. Just seeing everyone interested in one goal is cool. 6. Seeing I have already been drafted I am just looking at playing my best hockey.
  3. 100 Helsinki Titans @ Calgary Wranglers 101 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 102 HC Davos Dynamo @ Prague Phantoms 103 Riga Reign @ Toronto Legion