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  1. I think we all handled awards perfectly. Everyone deserved it Depending on how many rookies there are, could be the most points for a rookie i believe I have another year until I get to Seattle but until then I will figure it out sushi Utah
  2. Yes we do, sweep em yes I think he carries us playoff time I like Mexico City getting upset here God I hope not, that would suck. Hopefully a sign of the best is yet to come 2 Matt Maeson
  3. I’m still confident, each team has tough stretches but we got this a championship I think I can still catch up with both of them i love it, be agggresive each time Lionel Messi Wasps
  4. Jubis has made my job easier and it’s incredible having them along all I’m saying is Clapbombsrus is killing it right now, and he ain’t stopping soon yes coming from Minnesota previously I would say that it be kinda cool to try and beat them at some point but other than that yes No sweet snacks are incredible
  5. We might, we just have to continue to play the way we are Im a little biased but probably Alexander the Great or myself I would say to keep with us and have our backs I can’t predict anything less than 3 points 1 Australian shepherd cowboys
  6. Yeah we can probably me cause I have no clue what I’m doing San Diego In previous seasons I have had horrendous Plus/minus so I will keep that in mind I’m 6-2 probably thanksgiving cause it’s boring most of the time.
  7. Incredible, I just got here and I’m excited. against Mississauga we were on fire against Halifax we fought it out Yeah, I’m excited, I was on a roll with 20 points this month alone before joining HES a leader and he know that we respect I think we can make a run and our win streak shows that I think In my short time here, he has done great things. It’s like he knows what is best at all times.
  8. +10 Tpe Delving Mackey. I have 103 right now
  9. Grapes no clue dog person 50,000 and a raise Winter too hot im colorblind
  10. Probably watching Netflix Second to last any team would be incredible being a winger sets up good opportunities it’s not defensively draining im balanced and I can shoot iceland
  11. Avalanche Byu In Val probably miss assuage or how you spell it but in nhl probably oilers i have been a member since season69 but I keep making new accounts because I forget the logins I heard about it from a YouTube I have not just make bread
  12. I find it interesting, with opportunities all around 2. Losing close games or leads 3.goaltender has always been fun, I think maybe that 4. do as good as possible, make a difference here 5.just believe in me, I know I will work at this 6. Condor Adrienne 7.Mikko Lainten 8. easily Spongebob squarepants or fanboy and chum chim
  13. Player Information Username: Jurell Yurki Player Name: Delving Mackey Recruited From: Returning Age: 22 Position: LW Height: 72 in. Weight: 215 lbs. Birthplace: Iceland Player Page @VHLM GM