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  1. 1. Theme week is upon us, and this season's theme is the VHLE. What do you plan on doing, either an article or graphic, etc.? This is a great opportunity to get 6 capped TPE as well as 6 uncapped for 1 point task! sadly no 2. We have lost our playoff spot to Mexico City -- for now. Do you think we could make an unexpected run this year if we secure a spot down the stretch? yes I think we can 3. This week is also trade deadline week. Any suggestions (general) on what you might like to see happen? Any needs, etc.? a better goalie 4. For undrafted players, what is
  2. 1. Just yesterday, we sent two very good players, defender Kirby Pandora and center Jlloyoid Blloyoiderson to Halifax for a 1st, 2nd, and 4th round pick. Thoughts on this trade? stop trading my teammates 2. We lost to Philly today, 3-1, but did beat Mexico City, 5-3. Some games our offensive game shines, while others our defense prevails. What aspect, offense or defense, has been better overall this season, in your opinion? What part of our game can improve? goaltending has been better overall and our defense can use some work. 3. What do you think of your development as
  3. 1. How do you feel we've been doing lately? We are currently in a playoff position, but with a 4-9 record. What do you think we could improve upon? our play in the net 2. Are you happy with your player's recent performance? no I need to start playing better if we want a good playoffs run 3. What do you all think about the announcement of a third league, the VHLE (Europe)? Is it something you'd be interested in it the future? I will be interested in it when I have to play in it. 4. Any goal song suggestions for the Lynx? the bruins goal song Kernkraft 400
  4. 1. How do you feel about the offseason moves made by the Lynx? If you are new to the team, what are your thoughts on joining us? I feel very welcomed to the team 2. What do you hope to accomplish this season here in Ottawa? a cup hopeful but playoffs for sure 3. Any recommendations for a new channel on discord? @Juice said it was kind of lacking, so we want your input! counting and jersey numbers 4. What's your favorite NHL team? If you don't have one, what other sports/teams do you support? Bruins duh 5. Any players you look up to/idolize either in the
  5. wow wrong team tho
  6. I just got drafted and now have discord and am looking for a link to the locker room of the Americans 

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      I think you got it

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  7. Thats more like it


  8. I'm not that good at goalie, really all I do is stop pucks that doesn't make me good or under rated or over rated I just stop puck. I don't deserve to be on this list its the defense that dose all the work.
  9. This was a wonderful price of writing their is a small mistake in the one about Jacob Rask his user name is BostonBruinsFan1806 not bostonbruins33 and if you write another one of these I would love to answer some question Jacob Rask
  10. Great job today Cat almost beat the 21st and ottawa

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      Good stuff! :cheers: