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Vestiquan's Best the Best


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After a near 24 hour delay, the final game in the 2nd tri-annual VHL Super Cup took place, like in Davos or Toronto or some shit.


Team Vestiquan (known as Vestiquan's Best), faced off against Team Heidt (better known as Going Great Heidts).  Vestiquan's Best started the tournament off on a mediocre note, but went on a 10 game winning streak after the mid-tourny and likely illegal acquisition of Vladimir Putin.  Or Alexei Komarov.  Sergei Komarov?  The combination of all Russian names being identical and over-tiredness has led me to forget his first name. 


At any rate, the streak came to an end in Game 2 of the Super Cup finals, leading the superstitious of the world wondering if their lucky charm had spent all his luck.


However, Team Vestiquan managed to hold on to win Game 3, on the back of Tony Stark's goal in the first 30 seconds of the game.  An early penalty for Team Heidt ended up being their undoing, as Naomi Young was a motherfucking monster on the PP for this tournament.  Seriously, if PP points are logged somewhere, she's probably in the lead for that by an absurd margin.


It capped off a rather successful season for Young, who started hitting her stride as an offensive player after finding chemistry with Jarkko Olsen in the regular season, which eventually led to an even more successful playoffs, ending with a Continental Cup.


I'm awesome and this Fan 590 blows shit.

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