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Season 40 Entry Draft Rankings HOT or NOT


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Rather than focusing on a few of the biggest improving or worst falling players I decided to try to touch on everyone this week.  Not everyone should realistically be considered “HOT or NOT” as there are a good chunk of “WARM” prospects. I didn’t want to go all on the fence with everyone though so made it a clear yes or no type choice.  The draft as a whole has been really great so far another few prospects are pushing us toward a full fourth round.  With the 200th Mag Article we have essentially had a 2 week break and in that time 20 prospects have updated two full rounds of actives thus far.


Thomas O'Malley – Clear number one overall pick in this draft if you ask me.
Mason Richardson – Top 3 prospect with good VHL pedigree no team would complain to get this player.
Tyler Cote – Really good prospect that will be overshadowed this season but deserves recognition.
Jerrick Poole – Quietly becoming a top five prospect and will likely be VHL ready in his first season.
Joshua Rubin – Repped by an agent with an inconsistent past but Rubin seems legit.
Gunnar Skovsgard – Has been working hard still just being overshadowed by those who seem to want it even more.
Filip Henrikkson – One of the hardest working prospects over the past couple weeks hope he keeps it up.
Rami Jakobssen – Everything points to a quiet accession in the first round a potential top five prospect.
Lloyd Light – Late comer to the draft that is one of this year’s wild cards.  Could make a late push for top 3.
Jody 3 Moons – Had a really good off-season workout but I think this player might not be in it for the longhaul.
King Czar III – Last player by this agent was a borderline VHL/VHLMer Czar seems to be destined for a brighter future.
Vladamir Komorov – Similar to Jody 3 Moons great off-season start to his career.  Only time will tell if this second round draftee can crack into the top ten.
Soren Douffet – Long term goalie prospect with limited success from this player agent but could find a starting goalie spot in a few seasons.
Aleksander Petrov – Late second round prospect with some upside needs guidance to stay on the right path.


Gunzerker Salvadaor – Shot into the top of the first round talks early on but has fizzled since the start of the season.
Christoph Klose – Still making progress but this draft is really deep and he is getting pushed down the board.
Kurtis Hunter – Has tumbled in the rankings over the last two weeks.
Ikier Manushez – See above.
Superbman – Pleasantly surprised to see progress here but again so many good draftees hard to stand out.
Marcus Hurley – No vacations allowed in this draft fell six spots over the last two weeks.
Da'Brickashaw O'Neal Jr. – Da’Brickashaw O’Neal has a reputation and Jr. needs to bring it to start his own journey.
Wesley Matthews – Firecracker onto the scene and then potentially fizzle out the historical pattern of the 701 player agency.
Boris Belov – Could have been a good late second round prospect but seems to be on the path to VHLM regular.
Edgar Balthazar – Who?
Jarome Ritchie – Say What?
Bo Reinhart - Nope
Chris MacAuley – Not Today
Phillip McCracken - Never
Cody Nichushkin – Probably Not
Mike Jones - Poser
Sepp Reiter - Nada
Andor Drakon – Never Was
Sasha Petrov – Never Will Be
Niklas Kurri – Just declared for the draft we’ll give him a break for now.

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It sucks that sball never updates on time.


This Filip Henriksson guy must be pretty good to be on the list and not exist.

Edited by Kendrick
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atleast you dont have a high expectation to live up to 701. I can only bust :(

I've had one bust, and one star. I don't get "then potentially fizzle out the historical pattern of the 701 player agency."

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It sucks that sball never updates on time.


Yeah that guy is a major dick.


But this draft class is turning out better than expected. Now to watch as I fall down everyone's draft boards as the season rolls on

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