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1000 days


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So apparently today is my 1000th day on the VHL. I only knew this because I must have put it in my phones calendar back in 2019 because I got a calendar notification that said 1000 and was confused for a while until I eventually figured it out. Even though I don't really come on here anymore I still think of this place very fondly and it was really great when I was very active. I have a few really great memories from this site, one of them really sticks out but I don't know if I'm allowed to say it. If you know you know. Anyways, it makes me feel old that it's been 1000 days since my cousin first told me about this site, and I stumbled onto Saskatoon and had no idea what was going on. I relied on the discord to tell me the scores because I didn't know where to find them on the site. I also had the how to earn TPE guide from Will bookmarked and I would check it a lot to make sure I was doing everything I could. I just started my freshman year of high school when I joined this site and now I start my senior year in just a couple weeks. 


Being a part of VSN for nearly all of 2019 is what I am most proud of, and it's transformation into what it is today is awesome to see. Being a part of it again in 2020 was pretty great too. It even got me to start liking sports writing even more than I already did and now I just started writing for the New Era Hockey Network, which you probably have never heard of but it's pretty cool. I just wrote my first article where I basically just shat on the Canucks for being horrible with their cap space. That's a bit of an exaggeration but I did write about the Canucks and how Benning is weird. This site also made me not like the Canucks because everyone here was a Canucks fan and I liked to see everyone get sad when they lost. The day they lost to Vegas in 7 was a joyous day for me to just watch the discord, but the day they beat Minnesota was horrible. It was flooded with messages and everyone was acting like they just won the cup, even though they just beat a team who's best player was a 100 year old Eric Staal.


Lots of great memories from this place. Being on Malmo in their early years was an incredible experience with the team and the locker room we had, and our cup run in S68 was awesome even though it ended quite disappointingly. The amount of times I would write that the Bears only were good because they were in a weak eastern conference and that in Europe they would barely be in 4th (which by points I think was true) and then they came in and swept us, that was pretty sad for me. Being in Calgary was great too, but again losing to the Bears sucked. I believe it was the conference finals of S73 when we blew a 3-1 lead. When I got drafted to Calgary I was pissed and was set on leaving after three seasons but it ended up being great there, the team was great and Jubis turned that team around. 


Thanks to the VHL for all the good times, I hope I will be back eventually. 

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1 hour ago, Matt_O said:

our cup run in S68 was awesome even though it ended quite disappointingly.

Man that team deserved a better ending. Like not even saying “screw Seattle, we should have won” but at least something better than a sweep. Such an amazing club to be apart of for Thompson’s last season.

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