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An actual, real life trade deadline trade!


Also, we have the cap for this - I know the finances look all weird with the $5m exceptions plus the $2m backup goalie space. We can go up to $7m over as a result, and this will put us $6.5m over, so still under by 500k.

@DrummerBoy15 and @JCV - it's not ideal to have to ship out prospects like this, but honestly we'd have run into a bit of a logjam with you two, Baard, Numminen, Baby Bob, and Aky all coming up at the same time (and of those, everyone but Aky is a forward). So basically this clears a way for some better playing time for you in the future as we won't have half a roster of guys within a 1-2 season span. Saves us some future cap, and London needs a few more guys, so just works out better for everyone involved. 


@Matt_O I know you're not really around anymore, but if you see this, Zod's getting a little longer of a season now, coming to a playoff team. Not one of STHS' favorites this season, so hopefully it's a long run but it might not be, but it's something anyway. 

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