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Rosters made up of VHL Hall of Famers


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Since I did a HOF article I need a Fan 590 so this is something mildly related to something I posted related to Super Cup team names. Basically I divided all of the VHL's Hall of Famers into three obvious eras (S1-S10, S18-S25, S25-S35) and two in the middle which could be one but also could be one at a stretch.

Some eras have a lot of great forwards and most have a lack of defencemen and two have Matt Bailey. Also, no real thought was put into the lines or order of goaltenders so yeah.

Ye Olde VHL (S1-S10)

Alex McNeil - Scotty Campbell - Brett Slobodzian

Matt Defosse - Mike Szatkowski - Christian Stolzschweiger

Branden Snelheid - Scott Boulet - Devon Marlow-Marta

Dust'n Funk - ? - Brannan Anthony

Sterling Labatte - Patrice Reynaud

Joey Kendrick - David Night

Petr Shirokov

Maxim Desny

Matthew Pogge

Adrian McCreath

Medieval VHL (S8-S14)

Josh Vestiquan - Kevin Brooks - Zach Arce

Matt Bailey - Layken Heidt - Matt Bentz

Alexander Beketov

Jochen Walser - Tomas Jenskovic

Blake Beukeboom

Benoit Devereux

Alex Gegeny

Medieval VHL (S15-S19)

Mikka Virkkunen - Grimm Jonsson - J.D. Stormwall

Carl Jacobs - ? - Leander Kaelin

Alexander Sauve - David Henman

Matt Bailey

no goalie lel

* a pretty shitty time in the VHL tbh. Probably because I joined in S10. Also, yes, I used Bailey as forward for his 4 seasons and defenceman for his last 4 seasons. Because Bailey was a god.

S18 era (S18-S25)

Jardy Bunclewirth - Markus Strauss - Cam Fowler

Jukka Hakkinen - Lars Berger - Phil Gerrard

Anton Brekker - Tarik Saeijs

Adam Schultz - Japinder Singh

James Bencharski - David Walcott

Aidan Shaw

Daisuke Kanou

post-S18 era (S25-S35)

Tukka Reikkinen - Leeroy Jenkins - Pavel Koradek

Jarvis Baldwin - Alexander Chershenko - Volodymyr Rybak

David Smalling - Phil Rafter - Ansgar Snijider

Daniel Braxton - Ryan Sullivan

Alexander Labatte


Benjamin Glover

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