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Welch on His Way to Sweden


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Malmö Airport (MMX) | Skåne, Malmo, Sweden


The news came in with a message vibrating his phone during dinner, while he was slamming back a delicious pepperoni pizza sided with a glass of Jamesons and Coca-Cola, with a notification from the General Manager of the D.C. Dragons @Enorama with a very detailed, heartfelt, and tear-inducing message to Kristof Welch that he was traded from the D.C. Dragons to the Malmo Nighthawks.


(Trigger warning for anyone who isn't ready for some waterworks to start once you see the below message)





And with that, and with half a slice of pizza hanging out of his mouth, the stalwart defender for the Dragons for the past several seasons has now became a Nighthawk. And with a ticket in hand, Kristof Welch was heading from one side of the world to the other, and was about to end up in Sweden on the next available flight to get situated before training camp begins.


It's been a long road for Kristof Welch. Starting off his career for the Toronto Legion after being drafted 5th overall, where things did not end up anywhere near anyone could have thought, and eventually being traded 3 years into his career to the D.C. Dragons. Before going to D.C., Welch was a reliable not too great but not too bad defender, putting up decent points with 156 points in 216 games and having a solid defensive game putting up nearly a 100 hits per year and over 100 shot blocks per year. However, once arriving in the capital of the USA, Welch reached his full potential. In only two years with the crimson dragon on his jersey, he put up back to back over 100 point seasons with 217 points in 144 games with the recent season might ending up with Welch earning a trophy to be put into his trophy case for the first time.


With D.C. being knocked out of the playoffs, the Dragons would end up going in a completely different direction as long-time star players like the captain Groovy Dood, Jiggly Gumballs, and Aloe Dear either retiring or leaving the core squad. It seems like it's complete rebuild from scratch time, which left Welch either being the star to be built around, or to move Welch for rebuilding pieces. There was talking between management and him on what direction he'd be comfortable with, and Welch was fine to do whatever management needed to do what was best for the team, and that's how we've ended up here.


The first thought was what life would be like in a different continent and country, going for NA to EU is quite the move and life-style change, however it'll be interesting to be added to a team that was almost made the finals with some friendly faces like @fromtheinsideand @BOOM who've been there since Welch's career first started in Toronto and has since then full-circled to be back together again.


Dawning the green over the red, going from North America to Europe, swapping conferences, everything is pretty brand new for Welch. But it'll be time to show off his skills the same way he did last year, and that his prime is just beginning.


(530 words)

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Review: I love this. The writing style is amazing, and the attention to detail of the word choice and talk surrounding both DC and Welch's new home in Malmo is great. No complaints here! 10/10!

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