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The twenty-first chapter of Baby Bob's life (the off-season of Prague and Baby Bob)

Baby Boomer

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Hello everyone, 


Welcome to the twenty-first chapter of Baby Bob's life story. In this life story we will talk about the life of Baby, when he was young, his thoughts and his impressions before the drafts, during the seasons and during the playoffs. Baby Bob will also respond to questions from the fans, from the GMs and from the leaders of the VHL and the VHLM. Now that the season is over, it is now time for the off-season. With three drafts, this off-season will be very eventful and interesting. In this chapter, I will talk about the off-season of Baby Bob and the off-season of the Prague Phantoms. 


Baby Bob just finished his season in the VHLE with a lost in the final of the playoffs againt the Vasteras Iron Eagles. Next year he will play his first season in the VHL, in the big league. His expectations are very high for this season and he will tell us more about it : 


« I played great offensively last year and also the year before, so I expect nothing, but an excellent season offensively. Since my first season in the VHLM, I really improved my defensive side of the game and I will continue to do it, so that I can be a great player defensively. My only personal objective this season is to win the Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy for the rookie of the season. I know that there will have a lot of others great rookie next season, but I believe that I can win it. » 


Yesterday, Prague only had two drafts picks which is really not much. They had the 3rd of Prague and the 4th of Chicago, but today Prague no longer has one. Indeed they traded both there drafts picks today, the Prague Phantoms traded Otto Numminen, Guy Lambert, a 3rd and a 4th to the Toronto Legion for Asher Reinhart. Reinhart is currently at 950 TPE and last year he scored 59 goals and did 59 assists for a total of 118 points in 72 games. 


Asher Reinhart will probably be the center of the first line for Prague this season and also the master piece of the team in the playoffs run. On the other side, Otto Numminen who played with Baby Bob for the last two seasons with the Mississauga Hounds and the Rome Gladiators, was one of the two players that were traded to the Toronto Legion. Baby Bob was very shocked and he told us more about it : 


« Of course, I am sad that I won’t play with Otto this season, but at least I will play against him. We have been playing on the same team for the last two years and we were even linemates last year, so obviously we are starting to build a great friendship and I would have liked to play with him again this year, but it is what it is and maybe we will play again together in the future. I wish him the best and I can’t wait to see him on the ice. »


Thanks for reading and see you next week for more of the life story of Baby Bob. 

532 words 

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Nice article! I liked your quotes/comments, they give the reader insight on what you are thinking about. The structure of the article is clear. You have a introduction paragraph first, which is nice. I think the quotes pop out nicely and they are easy to read. Picture at the top could add an extra element.

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Solid article. I like the concept of keeping track on the number of "chapters" - I'm assuming that means you wrote twenty similar media spots previously? Nice job outlining your goals for the season. It's hard to win the Stolzy, especially nowadays, but I wish you luck. Nice to see that Prague is still competing. Some people may say there should be more formatting with colors and pictures and stuff, but to me, what you have is perfectly fine, especially with the slightly bigger font.



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