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People I don't like in the VHL

Baby Boomer

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Hello everyone,


you kind of been trolled, I am still a new kids in the VHL, so I don't hate anyone. However, I wanted to do the exact opposite in this little article. I wanted to show some love and to say how great of a game this is. So here is my top 3 of why I absolutely love the VHL (a little bit simple, but still solid point) :


1- The game is about hockey. Since I am a new born, I absolutely love hockey and I am very passionate about this game.

2- I love the Idea of controlling your own player and taking big decisions for him to be the best player ever. I am a big player of NHL, but the mode Be a pro is (let's be honest) really, but really not good.

3- This point is kind of complementary to my second point. I really love how realistic this game is (compared to NHL).


I wanted to finish this little article by saying thank you to the admins, the commissioners, the moderators and to every other persons who make this league fun to play and awesome

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