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Jardy's Hecking Podcast, S2 Episode 2: Questions from TATE!


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In addition to cussing I also talk about drugs and pornstars.





Featured Track: Feel it Still - Portugal the Man (Medasin Remix)


Hey there! Big thanks to @BOOM for the intro that I finally used. Sorry for using it on such a blah episode. ❤️


Today I answered @Tate's wonderful questions in my thread. Not terribly VHL related, but this is what you get!:

1. Story about our boat

2. [redacted]

3. Dish washing pet peeves

4. Unbreakable Internet rant

5. My crazy tongue and fingers

6. Jardy's toppest goofiest moments

7. Horror stories about smells


9. Which body part I could do without


Additionally at 24:30 I talk about the JST Commissioner change and mention @Ricer13 and @samx as a result while also briefly mentioning @Alex and @Dom. Also I tell @Spartan to quit his job.


At 27:20 I mention @Arce briefly.



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If I quit financier, how would I maintain the reputation of the most financially corrupt staff member??? Who would the community blame for everything??? How do I flame mods in the staff chat???


I think it's crucial that I remain financier to keep all of these points ongoing.

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29 minutes ago, samx said:

i think this is possibly the nicest you have ever been to me and I couldn't take it seriously. I was just laughing choking on some Doritos lmao

Plot twist, I just wanted you to die on cheesy corn chips. Mission failed I guess :(.


27 minutes ago, Spartan said:

Also, you sleazebag with like 2 minutes of outro music to hit the 30 minute mark.

I was earnest in my statement of saying I'm only going to claim it one week! If it was more VHL related I would grease two weeks despite 3 minutes of it being music, but alas.

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