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A look at the 25 players who have achieved 1500 or more TPE (12-16)


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Hey guys and we're back for part three now, I don't really have an update for this other than that next time another player will have likely passed 1500 TPE meaning it will be a list of 26 players, this is assuming they don't retire early or anything. With that said let's get started!!


12: Kallis Kriketers (hedgehog337) 1598 TPE

Our second goalie on the list and our first player in the 1500 range, being just shy of 1600 by two TPE is Kallis Kriketers. @hedgehog337's player was drafted 4th overall in the VHLM by the Ottawa Lynx and for the VHL? Well I actually couldn't find it, I know he's an season 63 draftee but I looked over that list several times and I couldn't find it. In his one season in the M he played 68 games and had a record of 45-18-4 with a save percentage of .897, a GAA of of 2.08 and 6 shutouts. In the playoffs 9 games, 8 wins and 1 loss. .923 save percentage, 1.53 GAA and 2 shutouts. In terms of the WC he had a lot of great performances, often being above a .920 save percentage. I gotta give it to his season 66 play though with 8 wins, 1 shutout, and one loss with a .926 save percentage and 2.43 GAA.


Kriketers spent the bulk of his career with the Riga Reigns, only playing on a different team during the last year of his career. He hit 40 wins 4 times during his career with two seasons where he ended with 39. In terms of sheer wins he had the most in his rookie season where he had a record of 48-10-5 in 69 games. Kallis sure made an entrance in Riga and he also left with a bang, in his last season with the team he got to 45 wins but his 11 shutouts, .931 save percentage and 1.66 GAA are all career highs. In the end his regular season record is 528 games played, 324 wins, 65 shutouts, 133 loses, 37 OT loses, .920 save percentage, and 2.23 GAA. Kriketers made the post season every year of his career so there's a lot to choose from, there are two that really stand out to me, season 67 where he had 7 wins, 1 shutout in 12 games and a .932 save percentage along with a 2.48 GAA. He carried his great success from the regular season in s69 during his last season with Riga into the playoffs, 10 wins in 17 games, 3 shutouts, .921 save percentage and 1.94 GAA. Overall a record of 35-31-5 in 73 games, 5 shutouts, 918 save percentage, and 2.37 GAA.


As you would imagine he's got quiet the trophy case. He got the Skylar Rift Trophy during his time in the M for starters. Season 63 he got both the Victory and Continental cup but somehow no personal awards? huh, doesn't matter to much as he more than made up for it, Greg Clegane Trophy in S64, S65, S66 and S69. Aidan Shaw Trophy in S65, S66 and S69. Scotty Campbell Trophy and Brett Slobodzian Trophy in S69. Most TPE in a week 56.


13: Jasper Canmore (Bushito) 1583 TPE

Coming in at 13th is out first repeat user, @Bushitoalso holds the number 10 spot as well and between these two players there's only a 50 TPE difference. We return to the S50's again with Canmore, drafted first overall by the Oslo Storm in S57 and in the VHL? Can't find it, guessing GM player or something? Stopko was a S57 draftee so he had the two players at the same time. Anyway before being draft by Oslo he spent some time in Yukon, 3 points in 23 games and 2 assists in 7 games in the playoffs. With Oslo he had 139 points with 98 assists in 72 games, in the playoffs he had 16 assists and 19 points in 11 games. In the WC there's only one real choice here, Season 62 he had 19 assists and 22 points in 10 games played, amazing. 


Canmore's career path follows a similar one to Kriketers's, Most of his career with one team except for their final season, in this case it's with Calgary. Canmore managed a point per game six times during his career and hit 100 points three times. Canmore had one of those magical seasons where he soared past everyone else with 142 points in S62, 46 goals and 96 assists, all career highs. Regular season career wise 576 games played, 292 goals, 441 assists for 733 points. Jasper made the playoffs 5 times during his career and there is one stand out, easy to choose season. S62 he played 13 games and was a assist per game and ended up with 18 points that year. After all was said and done he player 63 games in the post season, scored 18 goals, 48 helpers for 67 points.


Canmore has one of the lighter trophy case in some time, not that that's a bad thing, but it makes it easier for me after players that had loaded trophy cases. During his time in M he did win a founders cup and Skylar Rift Trophy in S57. Canmore did win back back Victory cups in S61 and S62 and in the latter case the Continental cup as well. He won the Dustin Funk Trophy in S59 and the Alexander Beketov Trophy in S62. Most TPE in a week 63.


14: Valtteri Vaakanainen (Jubo) 1577 TPE

Next on our list is our youngest player yet, and I mean that by draft year, being drafted in S72 he's our second player drafted in the S70's so far. Valtteri Vaakanainen sits 6 TPE behind Canmore and is @Jubo's second player on the list, his other if you've forgotten is number 4 Julian Borwinn. In the M he was drafted 13th overall by the Minnesota Storm in S71, in the VHL he was drafted 10th overall by the Helsinki Titans in S72. Gotta say it's kinda refreshing to read a draft where the player isn't a top five draft pick. In 22 games with Houston in S70 he had 17 points and the playoffs, 5 goals and 6 points in 8 games. In the WC well..... he's got 11 points in 10 games 3 times, S74, S76, and S78. I think I'll just leave it at that.


For a third time in a row we have another player who spends his first 7 seasons with one team, in this case being Helsinki, before joining a different team for his final season. He achieved a point per game pace in 7 of his 8 games but never reached 100, getting within 3 points in his final season with the Seattle Bears. As you can guess that was his career high in points and also assists as well, but for goals he reached 42 twice, both in season 76 and 78. I want to mention in the final season he had 40 goals with 11 game winners and 10 power play goals. Overall 576 games played, 288 goals, 326 assists, 614 points, and also 54 game winners and power play goals. In the post season where he made the post season all 8 times, there's 3 stand out performances I will point out, S73 he played 17 games and scored 11 goals and assists for 22 points, S79 18 games played 8 goals scored, 14 assists for 22 points but without doubt season 77 was his best with 32 points in 18 games played, getting a crazy 23 assists. Overall 96 games played, 52 goals scored, 64 assists, for 116 points.


Finally we have awards and..... he doesn't have any? Not even in the M? I'm actually surprised, this is a first so far in this series, I'd think with that 32 points in 18 games in the post season he would have won MVP for that but nope, no cups either. Maybe it's just glitched by ya, nothing to report here. Most TPE in a week 39.


15: Matt Thompson (Beketov) 1571 TPE

6 TPE behind Vaakanainen we have Matt Thompson, a player from our overlord @Beketov. Thompson was drafted 7th overall by the Ottawa Lynx in S60 in the M, in the big league he was drafted first overall by the Seattle Bears in S61. Thompson played 92 game in the VHLM regular season, getting 63 points which all came during his time with the Lynx, in the playoffs he has 23 games played 12 points, 2 of those points with Yukon. Finally in the WC he got to 10 points twice but the 15 points he got in season 62 with 8 goals and 7 assists has to be the pick.


Getting to the meat of his career, Thompson was above a point per game 7 times during his career and hit 100 points a remarkable 6 times during his career. His sophomore season was his best with an amazing 150 points, 76 goals and 74 assists, he had 16 game winners and power play goals that season. Those are all career highs none of the other seasons come close but I do want to point out more than just his one. In his final Season with the Malmo Nighthawks he got 122 points, scoring 60 goals and getting 62 helpers. In season 64 he got 110 points with 56 goals and 54 assists. At the end of all these excellent seasons he had played 576 games, scored 422 goals, 74 game winners, 81 power play goals, got 403 helpers for 825 points. Thompson got to play in the post season 7 times and had a number of successful goes at it, his first appearance is still the best though with 22 points in just 9 games, he had 6 goals and 16 assists. Season 66 would have to be my second pick with 10 goals and 16 points in 9 games. Overall 65 games played, 45 goals, 53 assists for 98 points.


Well, Thompson really makes up for the lack of Trophies Vaakanaien didn't get during his career. For cups he's got at least one of each, Founders cup in S59, Continental cup in S66 and Victory cups in S64, S65 ,S66 and S68. That's just skimming the surface however though, Dustin Funk Trophy in S62, Scott Boulet Trophy in S62, S64, S65, and S66. Brett Slobodzian Trophy in S64 and S68, Kevin Brooks Trophy in S64, S66, and S68. Mike Szatkowski Trophy in S64 and S68, Scotty Campbell Trophy in S68. Sigh how many more players got Trophy cases this loaded? Most TPE in a week 60.


16: Jaxx Hextall (ROOKIE745) 1565 TPE

Another 6 TPE down the list from Thompson is...... well it's me! My first player ever is on the list, I don't need to tag myself right? Jaxx Hextall is our third goalie on the list and is another one who wasn't drafted highly. In the VHLM Hexy was drafted 32nd overall in S70 by the Minnesota Storm after some confusion on if he was going up or not, needless to say he was a steal of a pick. In the VHL he was drafted 9th overall by..... HC Davos Dynamo in S70, ugh. (I was BPA'd, yes I'm still salty about it) But he was traded soon after to the Toronto Legion. Playing  half a season for Halifax in S69 he got a record of 15-14-3 with 3 shutouts, a .864 save percentage and 2.94 GAA. Playing all 72 games for the Storm he got an amazing record of 61-8-3 with 10 shutouts, a save percentage of .899 and GAA of 2.09. In the playoffs in S69 he went 5-5-1 with 1 shutout, .879 save percentage and 3.74 GAA. In S70 12-0-2, that's right, no loses in regulation that run. 3 shutouts, .907 save percentage and 2.22 GAA. In the WC his last time around in S76 is gonna be my pick, 2 wins in 3 games, a .933 save percentage and 2.66 GAA.


Hextall spent his entire career with the Toronto Legion, he probably has the most consistent career so far at least, his records and numbers all stay close to each other but he lacks a real standout season. His lowest save percentage is a .915 and highest is a .920 for example. His best record was in his final season where he finished with a 34-19-6 record, so yes he never achieved 40 wins. His highest save percentage is a .920 in season 75, his lowest GAA was his sophomore season in S72 with 2.86, just 0.01 point lower than his rookie season. His most shutouts was in S73 with 5. So many other players have all their career numbers in one or two seasons, Hextall has his all spread out. His career totals are 454 games played, 210-182-48, 21 shutouts, .918 save percentage, and 2.97 GAA. Hexy only made the playoffs 3 times during his VHL career, with that it was easy to choose which was his best. S74 he had a record of 7-4-1 with his 1 and only playoffs shutout, a .925 save percentage and 2.53 GAA. Overall he finished with a career record of 12-10-3 in 25 games played, .918 save percentage and 2.88 GAA.


Finally we have the awards and well.... it's not completely empty like it is for Vaakanainen but all of his awards came in the VHLM. Founder's Cup, Skylar Rift Trophy, and Benoit Devereux Trophy all in season 70. Most TPE in a week 42.


(word count 2268)

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  • ROOKIE745 changed the title to A look at the 25 players who have achieved 1500 or more TPE (12-16)
16 hours ago, Shindigs said:

I'm still amazed at just how often 69 comes up in these articles.😅 And not only cause S69 was quite eventful by the sounds of things.

Gotta keep that serious focus XD But your not wrong, at least in the VHLM, it was quite a crazy season that one was, glad I was apart of it.

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On 2/24/2022 at 4:55 PM, McWolf said:

I'll allow it if you want to skip Hornet and talk about McWolf instead

I appreciate it but I gotta follow my self imposed rules for this XD Fun fact though I was hopping to fit Hornet in for this part but once I saw where I was at with the world count I decided he can be the start of the next part.

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