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(S84) G - Clueless Wallob, TPE: 80


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Looking forward to seeing how your goalie does Dmax!


We've already got two goalies on our team, but we can try and give you a few starts here and there until the end of the season if there's no available Starter/Backup roles offered. If that interests you, reply to this with "Clueless Is All In"! 


Best of luck with the new player!

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27 minutes ago, Lemorse7 said:

Clue in his name its a automatic star in the making 


Might be ignoring the -less part of the name, but I like it. I didn't think of it until now, because I was planning on using this name for a while, but this does fit in with the whole Clue thing, but maybe I'm the villain, being Clueless. Or just needing guidance to find Clue, to complete me.

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