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rory tallk 500 worrd pt .2


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Welcome back to another edition of "rory writes exactly five hundred words before abruptly ending the media spot in the middle of a sentence". In this episode, I will be talking about the Victory Hockey League, mostly the Los Angeles Stars of the North American division, for exactly five hundred words. Hopefully I can format my thoughts into exactly five hundred words, or else you'll have to wait for the new episode of "rory writes exactly one hundred and fifty words before abruptly ending the vhl.com article in the middle of a sentence", which I will only be claiming in affiliate leagues. 


DeGroot is on the Los Angeles Stars. Obviously a controversial player early in his career, but I can assure the VHL community that within the next couple of weeks it will not matter. I paid more then what I wanted to pay for my own player, and now have to pay myself 4 mil for the next 2 seasons because I went to arbitration, lol. DeGroot was the last option I tried to fill the defenseman spot I was missing for this season. Many European options were brought up and ultimately passed, some to price, but most because everyone who had quality players wanted to keep them, lol. Sven Reikkinen was a player I kicked tires on - Malmo were shaky all season and battling with Warsaw, Riga, and Moscow for the playoffs. Cabe McJake's cap hit was unfortunately too expensive and I did not want to move any other players and cause another gap elsewhere in my lineup.

Oh well, DeGroot has been shit and LA has went from competing for the top of NA to barely better then the rest of the NA crowd. We've clinched playoffs, and I'm sure we're guaranteed at least the 2nd seed at this point, but the looming battle against the meta champions of the world is all we care about. The season series has been pretty evenly split, not gonna check anything but I'm pretty sure we took it 3-2, but every game was a coin flip!! The battle will become how well what I've deemed the "shut down line", of Williams - Stamen - le Massif can handle the "top guns" (mid players but meta) of Vancouver. Our own meta line generally gets weaker matchups, which is why I presume Dan Dan has had an insane season with Fairchild and Florida Man. Crazy that one of our most non-meta players is battling for points, goals, and assists leader, but I assume this also happened with Vancouver's non-meta players Tucker and RED. 


Generally I'd fill this last paragraph with random bullshit about my player but DeGroot is now on LA and has been greatly discussed. Instead, I will reveal some recreate names I have been already pondering because being a defenseman sucks and I want to score 100 points as a meta rookie like Londumb rookies. The crown jewel of my recreate names is WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, for obvious reasons. I think Josh said the 



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