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Bite Size Berocka #16


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You're welcome :) 


Some changes are in the works, I'd like to think we're quite close to nailing a few details down and getting them ready for implementation. Stay tuned!


I admittedly did not hear everything about your fantasy portion as I got distracted, but I heard you were preparing something for the BoG to review. Would love to see how it turned out!

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Hello, hello, hello right back

Next to the boss? Fuck that.

Yes, avoid your podcasts, they're the worst!

Don't congratulate Vancou...fuck it, I can't even type their name without tasting vomit

The VHL is too friendly now, let's embrace the hate again!

I can contact NRL Supercoach developer if you want?

Callum Murray still makes me giggle

No, zero issues with the form

Trivia has been refreshing since the change

Your friend wasn't nerdy enough for the VHL

You've got lots of ideas today!

You're welcome @Berocka

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Fun fact: this is Bite Sized Berocka #16 #2, the episode so nice you did it twice!


The google form works okay for me for the fantasy stuff, but that's in Safari on iOS, and it sounds like you're probably on a different platform.


I like the idea of building blocks for new players, I'm not sure what the best iteration of that idea would look like though. Scaled earning? Bonus earning for new players? Tutorial tasks? The options are endless!


Thanks for giving me something to listen to at my desk this morning!

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"Explaining the VHL"

I had this experience with a SBA recruit just the other day, and that's just a variation of the same system. As much as I love us having so many minor tasks, trying to explain the fact that you can do 3 .com's but only one of each kind, or 2 reviews or 2 game review or trivia, is roughly around the part where you lose people to brain overload.


Though to be fair you don't *need* to max earn from week one, you can just start off with the easy parts of just clicking and doing a presser then slowly add in from there.


Sad to hear we won't be seeing more of Jaffa though.

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- What you've been missing in the podcast world: @ctots is a newcomer, and he's better than all of us.


- Idk, I kind of like two conferences in the VHL. I don't think it would fuck with game distribution too severely, and ultimately there isn't that severe a difference to merge into one mega conference. IT'S JUST COOL, OKAY!?


- I'm listening and working at the same time so maybe this is what you were saying, but my only problem with VHL Fantasy is that the Google Form embeds to the forum now, where it never used to. I hate that, especially on mobile.


- I like the concept of drip-feeding new members, though I don't know if lowering the cap for a couple weeks is necessary. Maybe automated DMs or something. Or very attentive GMs?


- You motherfucker how dare you. <SAD REACT>

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Yeah I've always been more of a fan of a single league table rather than multiple conferences, but I guess that's mostly cause the main sports I've grown up with (Soccer and Rugby League mainly) are like that. I was always in favour of keeping the single league we had in the late 50's-early S60's, but I think we went back to conferences once Malmo joined. I think if I remember right, someone in the BOG said it sometimes isn't as easy as it sounds to get stuff as you want with schedule and playoff teams, which I seem to remember is partly why they made the move, but not 100% on that. 


I'd definitely be interested to see the Super Coach idea get more of a presence on the league. To be fair, my drafts since I came back to the league haven't been nearly as bad as they were when I left, but I still agree with your points that it isn't necessarily fair on players who can't get on frequently, especially given our setup for players to improve their player is more one focused on weekly activity than daily activity.


I like the trivia changes as well, although I would like the question pool to be bigger. I think it's about 20 questions strong atm, and maybe it's just cause I'm a VHLM GM who helps out new members with answers to their questions, but it feels like I have seen some of these questions several times over the course of a season which I think misses part of the point of trivia being random, which was people weren't going to be getting the same questions. 


As Ctots said earlier, safari in ios + google forms worked fine for me. 


Yeah I'm always trying to think of stuff that we can implement to help make it easier for new members to pick up how the league works. I did a VHL.com graphic/radio hybrid here talking about how we can maybe help members who just believe the portal is "the game" understand the league more, but yeah it can be a struggle sometimes getting people to understand the league even if they are contactable and have a forum presence.


The drip feed system you suggested is pretty interesting (obviously it's completely different but it reminded me of something from the VHL when I joined where you used to get your first two or three PT's doubled rather than just creating with 30 TPE straight away), as a VHLM GM, part of me has been thinking to just suggest to new members to do welfare in their first week or two to, like you say get used to doing the supplemental PTs, and then move to 6 TPE point tasks if they want to once they feel they've got the time and understanding to do so, but at the same time there are some members who do just pick things up straight away and like doing the longer PTs. Maybe in the vein of the old VHL thing I mentioned earlier, give first-gens a free week or two upon creation and then they can use them whenever they want to do so (so if they just want to focus on supplemental PTs they can do but if they want to jump right in to PTs, they can just use the free weeks later when they're busier)? 


Also, funnily enough, cause I agreed with some of your points, I gave you a like at the 8 minute mark, so it's a good job you mentioned me at the end haha! 

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