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New York Victory Cup Bound


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The New York Americans started off the season looking to be in a tight battle for the top of the North American conference, and the league with teams like the Quebec City Meute and the Helsinki Titans. But as the season has wore on, as teams like Quebec and Helsinki have been tasked with a more difficult schedule, the consistency and true elite power of the Americans has risen to the top. They currently sit 17 points ahead of Quebec the only team who could possibly stop the Americans from another Victory Cup. Quebec would have to win every single game for the rest of the season for 18 points, hoping New York doesn't gain two points of any fashion.


At this stage it feels safe to say, the Americans are yet again the true real deal in the VHL. A big storyline this season is the parity and uprising of the young teams looking to mark their mark in future seasons. As well as the nature of a very tight very competitive playoffs. However, it is clear that as of Season 40 regular season, nobody is quite ready to usurp the Americans as the team to beat. The only question that remains for New York is if they can taste glory for the second straight season, and capture the Continental Cup. Once has to figure that with Odin Tordahl in his final season and teams like Quebec, Helsinki, and Cologne continuing to mature that the best opportunity for the Americans to win another cup in the near future is going to come in this years playoffs. But competition is tight after every single other competing other than the Calgary Wranglers made an effort to improve their playoff hopes via trades around the deadline this year. Riga and Quebec look like the two stand outs as next likely to win behind New York but you can't count out Helsinki or Cologne either. 

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