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Claimed:VHLM Playoff..review? [6/6 FINAL]


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A Poorly Organized VHLM Article


It has been an interesting two seasons for the entirety of the VHLM. Today we'll take a peak at the standings, as we wind down to the end of the Season 40 Regular Season. This season, we have seen the balance of power even out it some regard, in comparison to last season where non-playoff teams in the North American conference still finished ahead of most playoff teams in the European Conference. Last season, it was apparent from a fairly early stage in the season that there were two dominant teams: the Ottawa Lynx and the Saskatoon Wild. Things are, well, a little different this season. 



Oslo Storm goalie Niklaus Mikaelson stopping dem' god damn pucks.


With Ottawa being forced into a rebuild due to a large number of their players moving onto the VHL, they are certainly out of contention this season. When I say certainly, I mean certainly - the Lynx have consistently been the last-place team in the North American Conference, amassing a dismal 43 points on the season. Saskatoon, on the other hand, has remained a top-tier squad. Despite going through a GM chance, the Wild have kept it together all season and they are now looking ahead to go back for the cup that they so narrowly lost last playoffs. 


Just below the Wild is the Minot Gladiators, a new emergent this season. The Gladiators had a plethora of picks in the S40 VHLM Dispersal Draft and they made good use of them, picking up pieces such as Shadou Rathod Jr., Tuevo Ruutu, and Rift Pajodcast. They have also made excellent use of the waiver wire, where they successfully nabbed flourishing centreman Brady Stropko and defensive monster Lord Karnage. The Gladiators certainly have the capacity to pose a serious threat to Saskatoon - although the Wild are a healthy 20 points ahead of Minot in the standings, we all know that anything can happen in the playoffs.


Moving onto some European action, there are really two solid contenders - the Bratislava Watchmen and the Oslo Storm. Starting with Oslo, they have been the league leader pretty much all season. That success can largely be credited to their goalie, Niklaus Mikaelson, but frankly the rest of their impressive roster is often overshadowed by the godly net-minding that Mikaelson provides. They are a pure defensive team with the likes of Lloyd Light, Vladamir Komarov, Jack Kowalski and, their newest roster addition, Jaime Hill. 


The Watchmen on the other hand, who have been sitting under the Storm for essentially all season, are more so an offensive squad. They boast players like Sachimo Zoidberg, Oskars Harumpf, and Jody 3 Moons. Bratislava and Oslo are quite honestly on opposite sides of the spectrum - Oslo with the strongest goalie/defensive squad in the league, and Bratislava with an extremely strong offense and a comparatively weak defense/goalie lineup. For the sole reason that these two teams completely contrast, it should be extremely interesting if these two teams happen to match up come playoff time. 


In conclusion, well, I don't really know what the conclusion of this article is. I suppose that's fitting because, realistically, there is no way to predict what's going to happen come playoff time in the VHLM. Nonetheless, it should be an interesting playoffs! 



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Content: 3/3 - Pretty interesting look at teams atop the VHLM. 

Grammar: 2/2 - Some comma usage that I would call strange, otherwise fine. 


Today we'll take a peak at the standings, as we wind down to the end of the Season 40 Regular Season. -- I wouldn't separate that with a comma, would read better as one thought.

Last season, it was apparent from a fairly early stage in the season that there were two dominant teams -- If you must break this up with a comma as well, I would do it as such: Last season it was apparent, from a fairly early stage in the season, that there were two dominant teams.

moving onto the VHL -- on to, onto implies that they are on top of a surface. 

GM chance -- change

Appearance: 1/1 - Headline and an image, although I'd like to see more than the wall of text that follows. 

Overall: 6/6

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