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What Happens in Vegas


The VHL playoffs will begin tonight and if you love watching ice hockey then you are in for a treat. If you happen to love hockey and have a serious gambling problem then this will probably be the greatest night of your life. The Vegas odds have been released today and are open for public bets starting at 4AM PST. So get your wallets ready and prime your credit card number typing fingers because you have a chance to make a lot of cash over the next couple of weeks.





New York Americans - 2/1

Riga Reign - 5/1

Quebec City Meute - 9/1

Cologne Express - 9/1

Helsinki Titans - 20/1

Calgary Wranglers 25/1


The New York Americans are listed as heavy favorites to win the Continental Cup in Vegas at odds of 2 to 1 so if you place a bet of 100$ on them to win you could win 200$. The bookies are showing no love for Cologne with their odds, which could make them a real good bet for those who want to take a risk for a bigger pay out. Cologne finished with the bye into the European finals, but Vegas is giving Riga higher odds to win the championship in Europe. If you really want to take a risk and win a lot of money you can take the Titans or the Wranglers. These two teams are underdogs in their respective conferences, but we all know that anyone can win. A bet of just 100$ on Calgary could net you a nice 2,500$. If putting your money on a championship winner is too much of a challenge for you then let's take a look at the opening round series.



Quebec City Meute - 2/1

Calgary Wranglers - 10/1



Riga Reign - 3/1

Helsinki Titans - 5/1


Sure fire betters will certainly be putting a lot of money on Quebec City with those odds to double their money. Those who like to live on the wild side will likely move their chips to the Helsinki Titans who are clocked in with a 5x pay out if they can make it past Riga. That's a lot of action so far and there is a lot of money still to be won with the final fixture for playoff MVP.





Niklas Lindberg (RIG) - 12/1

Odin Tordahl (NYA) - 15/1

Lennox Moher (QUE) - 20/1

Brick Wahl (NYA) - 25/1

Wesley Kellinger (COL) - 30/1

Brennan McQueen (RIG) - 40/1

Thomas O'Malley (COL) - 55/1

Willem Janssen (HSK) - 60/1

Matt Bentley (QUE) - 70/1

Travis Boychuk (CAL) - 75/1

Don Draper (HSK) - 999/1


May the odds be forever in your favor. Gambling on a playoff MVP is one of the toughest parts of being a professional gambler. There are so many variables to take into account, how far will their team go, injuries, who's a traditional playoff performer and much more. Lindberg who killed it in the regular season comes in with the highest odds to win the playoff MVP trophy. The bookies hardly ever get this one correct with who they favor because it's such a toss up. Literally anyone can have an amazing playoff run and lead their team to greatness while being recognized with the MVP title. Remember to gamble responsibly. I didn't and now I'm forced to write lame articles to make a living.



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