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Blake Campbell News



Blake Campbell could potentially become one of the biggest household names in Minot, if they decide to hold onto him. However, we hear that is not that case and that they are actually trying to deal the young goalie to a more suitable option. Other speculations also report that it's always been about the profit for the Minot organization when it came to Blake Campbell. Thoughts?



Also, Blake Campbell spends 45 % of his time at home and 55% of the time at the Minot Arena either practicing some skills whether it be on the ice, in the gym or with the coaches elsewhere. Probably not quite those numbers, but you get our point. The kids determination is through the roof and he's largely focusing on Rebound Control, Style Control, his Size and his Agility. In no time this kid should be in tip-top shape to out perform some of the current goalies. He has said multiple times that he's looking to be the best he can be.



"I came into this league wanting to become a great goalie. Why would I come here If I wasn't going to work hard at becoming something great and successful? I really, really want a starting job. I'm fine with being a little behind everybody else and have the lower role because I can tell you one thing, they better always be on top of their game because right now I'm rolling!"


Lastly, along with his hot play on the ice, there may be something even more hot going on with Blake Campbell. Last week during a Minot Gladiators game, he was spotted in the stands VIP section watching the game with celebrity Jennifer Aniston. Not only is this young guy here to steal the jobs of the other goalies, but he's also stealing all of Hollywood's A listed babes and bitches. Can you blame them though? It's not too often you find a man that's more flexible than the female. 




“Well I woke up to go get me a cold pop, but then I thought someone was barbecuing. I said oh lord Jesus it’s a fire. I ran for my life, and then the smoke got me. I got BLAKE CAMPBELL FEVERAin't nobody got time for that!


Can you smell that? Is something on fire? LAWD JESUS IT'S A FIRE! Oh wait, that's just the young goalie prodigy who entered the league less than a week ago and has already hit it off huge with the VHLM community and fanbase. Blake Campbell has been making quite the name for himself during the short period of time that he has been apart of the league. Currently, his activity and work ethic are extremely high and his dedication to the league, to becoming a better player and a stronger member of the league is clearly evident. We suppose only time will tell if this kid really has what it takes to make it big in the big leagues or is he just another punk whose bark is way bigger than his bite. We can't tell you the future, but let's take a look at his present, shall we?


Blake Campbell End of Week 1 Report Card



PT Completion: 


He came into the league on a mission and so far, mission complete. He knocked out every single Point task which he had available to him, including the Rookie Report and Biography all in one night. His Total Points Earned (TPE) for the week reached a total of 43, however, that was without the Rookie Report being fully graded. On top of the 100% completion, he also got full marks on them. 


TPE Earned/Week:


Yeah, we get it. He doesn't have a huge amount of TPE, however, look at the rate that he is earning his TPE and his current activity levels. If this level of consistency, effort and activity continues, his draft stock should be through the roof and into the stars and would be a silly choice to pass up if you were any team.


Overall Evaluation:


So far in his young career Blake Campbell has been on top of everything and has been absolute dynamite. Although it's honestly way to early to tell anything, he's done an excellent job in every area and is heading towards a potentially highly successful and amazing career. The question is, can Blake Campbell continue this large level of activity and truly become that #1 he's been saying he will become? We will check back later and find out!


760 WORDS, 3 PICS.


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  • Moderator

Content: 3/3 - Wow, there was a lot going on in this piece.  First off, it was fun to read.  You're clearly enjoying the league and your early success with Campbell.  Way to go getting Aniston too :P  I really liked the report card idea too, perhaps that is something you can develop for future use.  ~760.


Grammar:.75/2 - Too many for my taste.  Using word processing programs can help a ton.  Sometimes it's helpful to send your media spots to teammates to proof-read prior to submitting!


hear that is not that case and = hear that is not the case and

to a more suitable option = to a more suitable team (?) - option is not a place or location

The kids = The kid's

out perform = outperform

come here If I wasn't = come here if I wasn't (capitalization)

he was spotted in the stands VIP section = he was spotted in the VIP section (redundant)

has been apart of the = has been a part of the

big leagues or is he just another = big leagues or if he is just (comparing two paths)

Point task = point task (marginal)


through the roof and into the stars and would be a silly choice to pass up if you were any team = through the roof, into the stars and would be a silly choice to pass up if you were any team (it is a list)

Although it's honestly way to early = Although it's honestly way too early


Appearance: 1/1 - Yep



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Content: 3/3

Nice article. It's good to see your enjoying your time here so far and I look forward to many articles as entertaining as this! Keep it up!


Grammar: 1.5/2

A lot of small stuff piled up here, just be a bit more careful on capitalization and other things.


Appearance: 1/1

Looking good.


Overall: 5.5/6

FINAL: 5/6

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