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Pokemon Cast (Yeah Right?!?)


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Original amma right ?


Well, like every nerd born in 90s, I'm a Pokemon fan. What I will do is, I'll likely play pokemon, record it, edit it and add some voice over on that. So you won't have to watch me go through one gillion of BS pokemons. However, I won't do a "traditional run". What I mean is, I won't fucking get motha fucking Mewtwo and kick the shit out of everyone, I'll try to capture and train the most BS Pokemons ever.


Here's the option. I can get along with the 3rd generation of Pokemon, but after that, I don't know shit. I mean, it's possible but I won't know who's good and who's not. So what I'm proposing you is to choose a Pokemon version and after that, which Pokemon I build my team with. Here's the options :


  • Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Which set the 3rd version of Pokemons)
  • Pokemon Emerald (Which is the same as Ruby/Sapphire except that I can grab 2nd generation after I beat the game)
  • Pokemon FireRed/Leaf Green ( Which is Pokemon Red/Green but updated with a newer engine and shits. So it's only the 1st Generation of Pokemons)
  • Pokemon Diamant/Pearl ((I never played those) Which set the 4rd generation of Pokemons)
  • Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver (Which is Pokemon Gold and Silver but with a better game engine (I guess ?) (I never played those)

So, tell me which one you want me to play. It could be fun playing with a new generation that we don't know shit. Of course, every Pokemon name will be VHL related or very funny.

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