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Some how stumbled back on this site after a night of drinking, just wanted to say I miss y'all and am glad the league is still healthy and running! Looking back at the site brings back the feels from when I was active back in S12-S28 or whenever the fuck I peaced out.


Hope some of the old boys still recognize my username!

P.O.P Hold it down, PIMP squad baby for life,


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Thanks for the love homies  <3!


Hope to come back hear one day and stay active, this is my last semester at University so I'll have some spare time before I head off to the real world.


@flyersfan, I know there's welfare but I know myself too well... I'm way too competitive to be making minimum TPE and would end up spending more time than I should (got 6 courses this semester :/)


Definitely will keep dropping by though, completely forgot about the site until last night!

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