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I encourage everyone to go Twitter and hashtag #BellLetsTalk to get the donations pouring in for Mental Health Awareness. If you are a Bell or Virgin Mobile customer any text messages you send (without iMessage) also goes towards the donation. There is a picture of Howie Mendel on the Bell Facebook page that can be shared as well. All of these things result in .5 cents being donated to Mental Health awareness. I know the exposure is out there but we can all join in and help it further the exposure it needs!


In a sport like hockey where Mental Health has sadly taken a large number of individuals lives, the need for this issue to be on the forefront is a lot greater now. I know a few members on this board who have talked to me and shared their stories concerning Mental Health. Obviously I stand by you and support anyone who has issues that stem from this or are largely based around your Mental well being.


Obviously my story is known by some but I have suffered ever since I was sixteen when I lost my parents and brother. Depression, anxiety and numerous thoughts of just giving up have led to prescription medication, feelings of hostility and build up aggression towards simple tasks. If it weren't for my friends, the family I still have and various doctors; I wouldn't be here today. I hope everyone can have peace in knowing someone out there will help even if you haven't met them face to face. Cheers and join the fight!





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I donate to beyondblue and the Black Dog Institute and they do some great stuff. Best of luck raising both the funds and awareness of issues over there.





Black dog is great, it allowed me to explain my situation to others in a way they could understand. If anyone gets the chance click Boom's link and watch their videos.

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Weed makes depression and anxiety worse, not to mention it can lead to psychosis in some cases.

Weed in anxiety has minimal effect for anything, not bad, but won't do anything positively for a person. I rely on other things to somewhat conquer little challenges.

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You ever try smoking weed for that?

Smoked weed almost everyday when I was having trouble....didn't help. I mean, it took away my thoughts for the duration I was high, but near the end of it...you start remembering, and that combination of being really, really upset and high at the same time....it's not a good feeling.

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