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Personal Proud Moment


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Whether you guys care or not, is really up to you, but I felt like this is a moment I'd like to share with the people I feel I've become friends with since I joined way back when. 


I struggled with eating disorders, depression, bullying and just neglect from people. I never liked going outside, I never liked who I was, and I was truly just disgusting looking back at old pictures. At my highest weight, I was 300lbs, well maybe like 296lbs, but still, a disgusting weight. 


Today I went to the doctors, and after a hard, long fought journey, I've officially lost 100lbs and maintained a 200lbs weight for just over a month now. With all of that weight lost, I just found what seems to be a new meaning in life. 


Again if you don't care, I completely understand. This is more to share with the people on here that never judged me and knew what I had been dealing with. 



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Way to go man. I hope your successes can inspire others in similar situations.


My proudest moment was probably picking up a coat check girl at a bar. So I think you win.

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