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Claimed:der podcast 34 [Final 6/6]

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Context: 3/3


Car theft blows. I've never had it happen to me and really I'm quite surprised that it hasn't. Horrible thing to deal with.


Spider nest in the mailbox. That blows as well. I actually walked into my kitchen today and just barely noticed a spider hanging down on a web from the ceiling. Not a small spider either so I'm glad I noticed. Not as bad as a nest though.


Definitely a close race for the goal lead. Especially now that I grade this with only 2-3 games left depending on what team.


TAKE OFF YOUR KLOSE DAY. Falls on the same day as Hump Day.


100 points is definitely a great milestone to strive for. I've only done it twice myself I believe. At the moment we're pretty similar, me with 82 points and you with 76. Would love to have a line of Klose - Boychuk, but that likely won't happen before Boychuk retires.


Keeping it short, sounds fine to me.

Professionalism: 2/2



Editing: 1/1


There's actually quite a bit of noise feedback in this podcast and your podcast before this compared to usual. Not sure why. Nothing to deduct for, though.


Overall: 6/6

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