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Wingate on welfare?

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Calgary, AB -- With a not-so-stunning victory (seeing as there were over 20 victors) in the VHL's Week 5 VHL Pick 'Em, Calgary goaltender Hans Wingate has reached an important milestone: He has reached 400 TPE. While most of these milestones are nothing more than pretty round numbers, this one actually means something to Wingate.


By virtue of former CowboyinAmerica agency defenseman/winger Karsten Olsen finishing with more than 800 TPE, the agency has now had two players surpass 400 TPE. With the VHL changing the rules this past offseason to allow current players to count towards welfare totals, this means that Hans Wingate will be eligible for the highest welfare reward should he ever choose to claim it.


But will he? Sources say that it isn't going to happen, at least anytime soon. Certainly, Wingate's work ethic is top notch; he hasn't missed a week of writing since declaring for the VHLM more than two seasons ago. Even more important, though, is his reserves: Donation funds slipped under the table to the VHL have entitled Wingate to three "free weeks," none of which he has decided to cash in on yet.


"I'm going to keep trucking for a while; don't see myself using the welfare any time soon," Wingate says. "Still, it's nice to know that it's there if I need it. And I know that for future players from my agency, it surely will come in handy."

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