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Claimed:Draper Ramblings [Final 6/6]


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Draper, Davos, and the Dynamo



Good ol' Davos


It has been just a few short weeks since the longtime Helsinki staple Don Draper was traded to the HC Davos Dynamo for the remainder of the season and his career. Part of the deal that sent him there involved Draper moving from his native position as defenseman to centre. Despite being a very offensive defenseman, it still seems strange that he would move to centre. However, we're hearing that he has always had a certain knack for faceoffs.


He's now played 18 games with his new organization and boasts 19 points, 10 goals and 9 assists. Additionally he is sporting an impressive 71.17% faceoff percentage. So, it appears he has settled with his new team quite well, which isn't always the case. For someone who boldly stated he never intended to play anywhere but Helsinki, he seems to have relented and is truly enjoying his time with the Dynamo. Playing on the first line alongside Freedom McJustice and Kurtis Hunter, Draper has been getting a ton of minutes and this stint with Davos looks like it will be a very nice end to his career. 


He announced his retirement a few weeks ago, and naturally due to his young age there has been a lot of speculation about why he chose to leave now and what he plans to do in the future. Well, evidently the current state of affairs in Helsinki had a lot to do with his departure. Too old to see them through to the next generation of competitive Titans, Draper was at a difficult crossroads and, clearly, he took an out. He wasn't entirely clear on what he planned to do in the future when he announced his retirement, but we're hearing rumors that he'll be returning to his previous life as a a Madison Avenue advertising man. 


He still retains partial ownership of his father's agency and, in all likelihood, he's returning to a management position and a cozy salary. Up to this point in his career, Draper hasn't really done anything spectacular and, for that reason, won't leave much of a legacy behind when he leaves. There is still time though, as Draper and the rest of the Dynamo squad head into playoffs. Clearly the underdog in the European Conference, it would be quite something if they managed to upset either the Express or the Vikings, but this is without a doubt unlikely. In all likelihood, the final chapter of Draper's career will be one similar to others, that he knows all too well: a disappointing post-season. 


That seems rather pessimistic now that I read it. I do hope Davos can pull something off, if nothing else it would be nice to at least make our first-round opponents sweat a little. I did enjoy Draper's career, but I'm extremely excited to be rid of him and onto a new phase. I have a much better feeling about the next one. With Helsinki poised to take in a serious haul between the S44 and S45 drafts, I think we could see at least a partially true dynasty in Helsinki for the first time in a long, long time. 



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Content: 3/3 - Good piece on Draper's final season stint with HC Davos. Pretty good numbers on Davos especially the high face off percentage. Good luck with your next player and I know you will bring Helsinki back to the the top soon!

Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing really other than a typo

 previous life as a a Madison Avenue = previous life as a Madison Avenue

Appearance: 1/1 - Simple and Clean. Nicely done.

Overall:  6/6

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